Fans That Rock!

Whenever I get fan art, snail mail or emails or whatever from fans from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, I'll post them here because I'm seriously squeeing about them and I want you to as well!
If you'd like something to be posted here, send me something and I'll get on it!
To submit artwork for the 
Email me digital art to
or mail all others to
Shelly Crane
PO BOX 962
Hilliard, FL

Thank you! So looking forward to see what you come up with for these characters!! Mwah!


Kerrigan wrote this song, inspired by Significance. She and I recently collaborated, even though she wrote the song a long time ago for the first book, and she released a single!
You can now BUY THE SONG on iTunes and Amazon.

Thank you, Ashley!!!
She wrote a melody for the series that she said she heard playing in her head as she read it. #Awesomeness

This is another bunch of AMAZING FANS who got together and made a video telling me and everyone else how much my books meant to them. I have never boohooed so hard in my life. (Okay, that's probably not true, but still)
This group of AMAZING fans rock my socks. Mwah!

Thank you, Lyndsey!

Thank you, Kendra!

Jenny & Mike Bolter = Two of my fav people

by Isabel necessary on a bicycle 

by Kendra's Creations

by Isabel necessary on a bicycle 

Christina! Hope you enjoyed it!

by Isabel necessary on a bicycle 

Thanks, Dee!!

by Isabel necessary on a bicycle  

Thank you, Maddie! 

Thank you, Patrica!


  1. My sketch is on there!:) And those are all so amazing!:)

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    From Isabelnecessaryonabicycle
    more of my art:

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