Schedule & Order of Books

Books by Shelly Crane

Significance   Series             (Ongoing)

Reverence (Novella from Caleb’s POV – Not required)
Consequence (Novella to tie old and new series together)
Undeniably Chosen
Undeniably Fated COMING SOON
Undeniably Destined COMING SOON
Undeniably Infinite COMING SOON

The OXYGEN Series   (Ongoing)

The Other Side of Gravity  
Unnamed (Book Two) COMING SOON  

The Broken Bits  (Coming Soon - standalone)

Wide Awake Series       (Finished)

Wide Awake
Wide Spaces (Novella for a Christmas anthology – Not required)
Wide Open

DEVOUERED Series   (Finished)


Collide Series       (Finished....kind of)

Boxset with bonus scenes and chapters COMING SOON

Smash Into You     (Stand-alone, finished)

Smash Into You

Books by Shelby Fallon, Pen name for Shelly Crane

The Stolen Hearts Series   (Finished)

Stealing Grace
Taking Faith

                                        of releases

(There are no release dates. I have a few health issues and don’t feel comfortable setting release dates if I can’t keep them. This is the schedule and order for when the books will release, but I don’t have any specific dates and won’t have any until right when the book releases. Follow my Facebook page and website, and my Amazon page because they will let you know when I post about updates and Amazon will alert you when I release a new book. Thank you for following along with me and my books. I’m sorry that I can’t do release dates, but I’ve not made the dates in the past and it wasn’t worth it to deal with the backlash. and problems that arise from not meeting a date. The books are coming, I just can’t tell you the exact day.)

NEXT- Undeniably Fated (Significance)
Gravity Book Two (Oxygen series)
A secret stand-alone project I’ve wanted to start for a while (Hint: Heart)
Undeniably Destined (Significance)
Book three (Oxygen Series)
Undeniably Infinite (Significance)


  1. I really, really can't wait for the Significance books. They are so good:) They are quite addicting.

  2. woah, I'm so incredibly excited. Even if there aren't any release dates, I know they'll all be great! *insert squeal here*

  3. I am a big fan of the significance series! I have and have read each one multiple times! I check your website regularly for more information on new releases in the series. I am very excited to read undeniably fated! I haven't seen any updates on the book since February, I hope all is well. Are there gonna be any more updates any time soon?

  4. Hey, Shelly!!!
    First and foremost, I am a HUGE fan! I was just wondering about the next book in your oxygen series... I am sooo excited to read it!!I need more of Maxton. LOL! Please let me know!!

  5. I love the significance series! I totally understand why you can’t put a release date on the next one. Your fans all want you in good health and good spirits. I can’t wait to read some of your other books as I wait for undeniably fated! (:

  6. I was reading the book "The Ghost of you and me" and it said something about a new book that you have coming soon, it didn't say anything about how soon, is this the standalone book you are talking about???? I am really looking forward to it so I keep looking for it onlone, but I never see any news!

    1. Hi! I think you're talking about The Broken Bits? I haven't announced anything for it yet, but there was a chapter in Kelly Oram's book for it. I am finishing the next Significance book right now. This book won't be out for a while. :) It's a little bit farther on the lineup of books I have to finish first. Thanks!

    2. Any date on the significance series?

  7. Will you be seeking anymore signed books?? I've been wanting to grow my collection!

  8. I first read Significance back in the middle school (currently a college student), I can't wait for the rest of the books to come out. This has been my favorite series since I started, and it probably will be for a while. Loved all the characters (yes, Sikes and Marcus... even you guys) and this whole series will forever stay with me. Can't wait to see more of what Shelly Crane has to offer in the upcoming books of the Significance series as well as new series/books she's working on. Thank you Shelly Crane for giving me such an amazing series that I can enjoy time and time again. :)

  9. Are you continuing the series or is it done? I see embers story says 'coming soon but seem like it stopped.

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