Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Collide Series Gets A Facelift!



    I decided to change some things in anticipation for the upcoming release of the paperbacks of all my series. So....I re-did the covers to Collide series and ALL my books and series have been re-edited. And re-edited. And are now being re-edited :) The paperbacks should be available within a couple weeks. For real this time. I can apparently in now way shape or form edit my own stuff and realize the importance of having them proofread now.
   When I just started out, I was so anxious and ready for my year long journey of trying to get published, to have some merit for all my work, that I rushed to have everything done and out there for the public. But now, I see that I should have done things a little differently. I, personally, don't get upset or distracted by some errors in the book because I know that especially for self published authors, most cannot afford an editor (If you have no idea how much they cost go look up a freelance editors fee and choke) so I was a little dissapointed when that became one of the main focuses in my customer reviews. But..everyone is different and does things differently so, I am happy to say that the books have been re-edited and WILL be in paperback very soon. And I can't wait! :)
    Thank you guys so much for all your support and comments on Facebook, Twitter and my email. My fans really are the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!! Without you guys I wouldn't be blogging right now :) 

                                           Best Wishes and Happy Endings! 
                                                             Shelly Crane

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