Monday, September 5, 2011

To feel the paper between your fingers.....

                                      Significance Now In Paperback

I like REAL books just like the next person (though my kindle is full right now ;) and now Significance is available in paperback. Right this second it's only available through Amazon and Create Space. The other books will come as soon as I finish getting the edits and quirks out of the covers, ect. But...I plan to offer the books at more venues soon. Barnes and Noble for one. I've heard so many stories about authors having bad expereinces with Barnes and Nobles and am experiencing them now myself. As soon as all the kinks are out of that process they will be available there too. Thank you guys for your continued support and that's not just some lame cliche either. I TRULY thank you and and if you were here, I'd kiss your cheeks! Thank you and I'm so excited about all the things coming up; the paperbacks and Accordance coming out Sept 20th!! Then I'll finish thefirst book in my new series, Devour, out Dec/Jan.
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                      Best Wishes and Happy Endings,
                                  Shelly Crane


  1. I loved this book! I have it on my kindle. Now that it is offered in print it will definitely be something that I have for my future classroom. I have started Accordance and love it so far!

  2. Thank you!! Thank you!! I seriously appreciate it.

  3. I'm officially obsessed with this book! I'm recommending it to EVERYONE! Thank you so much for this story Shelly!