Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Bloggers Are The Cheese To My Cracker

                         I Love Book Reviewers and Bloggers !!

    If there was ever a tool for you as an author to promote your's book reviews sites, pages and blogs. Even before I was an author, I followed book bloggers on blogspot and facebook because I loved them doing all the work for me! I don't have to spend time trying to find reviews and star ratings to see whether a book  want to read is good or not, they've done it all for me! And as an author, they are helping us in a tremendous way because there are thousands others out there, just like I was, who wait for facebook pages or blogsites to tell them a book is good and then go buy it.
   These people, these book bloggers...wives, mothers, students, daughters, dentists, secretaries, editors, stay at home moms, hotel managers, Burger King drive-thru workers! Whoever you are and whatever you do to pay the bills (I have done just about everything myself) I salute you! But it's what you do in your spare time - after the kids have gone to bed, after the dishes have been done, after the homework is through- that I'm thankful for. You read. Hours and hours you read and write reveiws and help us in wonderful ways in a partnership that totally works! And I love you for it!
   So take some time to thank someone for doing a review for you today, or for writing a review that made you buy a book, or for just keeping you up to date on what's out there. Without these people, those of us that are striving to get our names out there would be a step behind. Therefore, they are the cheese to my cracker. Because without cheese, a cracker is just a cracker! It makes sense ;) Thank you! Thank you!

                                    Best Wishes and Happy Endings,
                                                Shelly Crane