Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Undeniably Fated Hump Day Teaser!!!

“Oh, he’ll be fine,” Ava insisted and stepped forward, putting her hand on his shoulder. “Trouble’s no stranger to danger.”
“Hey, now,” Landon said in defense, “a fire is one thing.”
“Firing squad is another?” Aunt Maggie asked jokingly. “Don’t worry. I put all the guns away before you got here.”
When everybody chuckled, Landon relaxed a little and gave a nervous chuckle as he threw me a funny glance. “Well, that’s a good thing, I guess. Would hate to die on this—whatever this expensive floor is.”
“It’s Mediterranean travertine!” Nana yelled proudly, making us laugh again.
“Dying on the travertine sounds like a Hallmark Mystery.”
“It wouldn’t be much of a mystery. We would all know that Bish did it,” Uncle Kyle muttered.

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  1. No rush or anything but how's the book going? Are you getting any closer to finishing? And how are you doing?

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  3. I just found this series and finished the whole thing in 5 days! You are a very talented writer who can pull the reader into the scene and emotions of her writings. I loved all of them so far and can't wait for Undeniably Fated! I hope that you're doing well and that your writing makes you as happy as it certainly makes your readers! ❤ Much love!