Thursday, September 19, 2019

Caleb & Maggie's Anniversary giveaway!

Friday is Caleb and Maggie's wedding anniversary! And they'd love nothing more than to give away some signed books to you for it. One WINNER to get 3 books!

❣ Signed Significance paperback
❣ Signed Reverence paperback
❣ Significance coloring book

To enter:
💋Make sure you're following @AuthShellyCrane on Instagram
💋Comment below and tell me your favorite scene from the books so far!
💋Share or repost on any social media for an extra entry
💋US only please, unfortunately

Good luck! God speed! WINNER will be chosen Friday the 27th.
Fun fact: Reverence (the novella from Caleb's POV) will be signed by Caleb also! (Or my husband, whatever) He has always signed Caleb's signature for that book. He signed a stack of 50 once before a book convention.


  1. My favorite scene is when Caleb And Maggie first met! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    My IG: @ xMikky
    I shared on Twitter:

  2. Daggum 0.o gotta pick one? Caleb growling, Vic calling him out on it and then Vic referring to himself in the Third person lol that whole bit cracked me up. Really though, all the sweetness between Maggie and Caleb are my favorite scenes... Ooh and Magnito! Your movie and song references are so relatable >.<

    1. Oh and I'm now following on IG... Gonna DM so you know it's me 😉


  3. My favorite scene is actually the moment they met and shook hands on Kyle's porch. Where they were so drawn to each other they didn't want to say good bye.


  4. My favorite Scene in the books would be when they are at the reunification and Maggie uses Caleb for support when she punishes the Watson and takes their powers from them because of the crimes they committed against the old visionary. It was a powerful scene and I feel like Ashlynn would've been prod had she been able to do it

  5. I wish I would win this I’ve read and reread this books over ten times!!! Love them so much

  6. could you please go back where she call him babe? Why jacobson, i hate it, i dont know why you should stop calling babe to your husband.
    pretty please?