Monday, June 24, 2013

Significance Series Bonus Scene 3

I said once Caleb's tournament in the #YACrushTourney reached 3000 votes, I'd post a bonus scene written for the Significance series.
Here's one written a month after the wedding.

            I laughed at her. She could be so frustratingly adorable. "Baby, just let me do it."
          "I've got it," she said, strained as she reached. "Almost got it."
          I moved then. I chided, "Daggumit, Maggie."
          I gripped her around the waist and held her upright on the chair she was standing on. She was determined to get everything done in the apartment all by herself, with no help from her ability.
          And no help from me either apparently.
          She turned with the vase in her hand and looked down at me. Her amazing behind was right in my line of sight. Fruit shorts, check. Maggie, all tan from the pool, check. Me...about to lose my ever-loving mind, check. She tried to be mad, but her lips started to quiver.
          "Good Lord, Jacobson. You are insufferable."
          I grinned. I borrowed her ability, stealing the vase from her fingers, and placing it gently on the top shelf she'd been trying to reach. "Hey, pal!" she protested through a laugh.
          I tossed her over my shoulder, her body jiggling from her laughter as I ran with her. I slowed and plopped her butt on the counter. I stood between her knees and she smiled with her arms slung over my shoulders. "No classes tomorrow, so no work tomorrow."
          "Mhmm," she agreed.
          "And Jen called and she'll be here with Maria and Bish on Friday."
          "Ah, I'm so glad. I miss them. I know Maria misses you like crazy," she told me and ran her hand down my cheek.
          "I miss her. I've never been away from her this long before."
          "We need to make sure we do something awesome while they're here."
          "Of course."
          "So what's up?" She raised an eyebrow. "What's up with you and all the dramatics?"
          "Well, I brought you to the kitchen because I'm gonna make dinner tonight. And you're going to watch."
          She asked me with a smirk, "What are you making?"
          "Well..." I moved closer, kissing the freckles splattered across her nose. "It's our one month anniversary, you know." She made an impressed face. "Yeah, how 'bout that."
          She laughed. "Big shot."
          "So, I was thinking I could cook up some spaghetti and meatballs and then we can..." I moved even closer, pressing her chest to mine, "stay in, on the couch, watch a movie..."
          "We always stay in," she giggled. "And we never make it through ten minutes of any movie. Ever."
          "All right then. Screw the pretense. Let me cook for you and we'll take a long, hot bath together, and then," I pressed my lips to her ear, so she'd not only hear my words, but feel them, "I wanna make love to you until the sun comes up." I heard the gravel in my voice. I know she heard it, too.
          She sighed, a little off guard. Her breathing picked up and she whispered, "Let's just skip spaghetti for now and order delivery later."
          I couldn't agree more and pulled her by her hips to the edge of the counter and crushed her to me. It had been a month since the wedding and it was still hard to leave the apartment. I almost laughed thinking about that. Ridiculous, but true. I couldn't get enough of her. She smelled better every day, she was more beautiful and tasted better every day, Like now, her mouth, I just sank into it.
          And she tasted like sugar and vanilla and everything else I loved.
          I opened my mouth in a huff against hers when she pushed her palm up my stomach. She moaned in answer. I pulled back a little. I just needed to see her face right then. She steadily amazed me and I wanted to see it here in the light versus our dark bedroom the look on her sweet face when she wanted me and nothing else.
          I wasn't disappointed.
          She began to squirm a little under my gaze and laughed silently.
          "Are you about finished, Mr. Jacobson?" she teased, her eyes half closed. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life.

          I felt my lips lift in a grin as I smiled down at my wife. "Just getting started, baby."


  1. Aaahhh you and your writing will be the death of me!! It will be all over the news papers "she died because of the sweetness that is Caleb and Shelly Crane is to blame"

  2. I'm all for the comment above^
    There's a possibility that could happen(:

  3. Thanks for such amazing work Shelly Crane. Maggie and Caleb are two characters that I will always remember as one of the best love stories around. Their love for each other is deep and I enjoy how you keep it real between them. Thanks for such an amazing couple to fal in love with.

  4. I absolutely love the romance between Maggie and Caleb- it's genuine, it's absolutely swoon-worthy, and, best of all, it's CLEAN! Glory be! It's more mature YA, sure, but I don't feel guilty recommending this to my younger sister. Thanks, Shelly, for your great stories, your memorable characters, and your contributions to my impossible dream boy picture. At this rate, I'll never find him ;) (just kidding... mostly)

  5. The grin on my face couldn't get any bigger than it is right now!

  6. I'm only11 and a half and I've done read all of the books. you did good Shelly Crane!

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