Monday, June 24, 2013

Significance Series Bonus Scene 1

I said once Caleb's tournament in the #YACrushTourney reached 600 votes that I'd post a bonus scene from the Significance series.
Here you go!

          "I miss you," I said and meant it. "I can't wait for you to come visit."
          "Me, too, kiddo." Bish sounded extra chipper today. "Maria is chomping at the bit to get on that plane."
          "How's work going?"
          "It's really great actually. I never thought I'd get a job where I could do my art and get paid enough to actually support myself, let alone a family. It's such a great job. I love it."
          "I'm so glad!" I squealed.
          "How's it going in Arizona? Settling in OK?"
          "Ah," I sighed, "I love it so much." Caleb shifted his head in my lap a bit. It was our lazy Saturday. He fell asleep while I read and then Bish called. Caleb could sleep through anything unless my heart rate went up, so I answered and we'd been on the phone for almost an hour now.
          Caleb shifted, nuzzling my stomach, but stayed asleep. I ran my fingers through his hair and asked about the Jacobsons. He said they were all really great and missed us. They talked about us all the time and couldn't wait for school to start so we'd come back. It was only three weeks until that was a reality. I was happy and sad about it, but it was time to get the engine going on my life.
          "So Dad's good?"
          I heard his chuckle. "Yeah, they're good. They, uh...they are planning on being foster parents."
          "They are?" I whispered happily. Bella was rolling around on the floor. I used my ability to toss a ball from her bed into the air for her. She jumped and wrestled it, rolling around on her back. I laughed at her.
          "Yeah. Fiona said she was just too old to start from scratch and Dad agreed, but they both figured they could take in a couple boys at first, see how it goes. They're just waiting for the first kid to come any day now."
          "Why wouldn't Dad tell me this?"
          "He said he didn't want to bother you and figured it'd be a good surprise when you got back."
          "Bother me? He's such a goober."
          He laughed. "And I ruined the surprise, didn't I?"
          "You know I hate surprises. Anyway, I'm glad things are going great with them. And you. I can't wait to see you."
          "I can't wait to see the swanky apartment Caleb bought you. There's a jacuzzi, isn't there?" I could hear the smile in his voice.
          "Shut up... Yes."
          He bellowed. "I knew it. I can't wait to see you. I miss you something awful, kid."
          "Me, too. Love you."
          "Love you, sweetheart. See you soon. I'll bring you some bar-b-que."
          I laughed. "Sure you will."
          I hit END on the call and started back up the Kindle app on the phone Caleb had bought me when I looked down and saw him smirking at me. "He better bring us some daggum bar-b-que."
          I smiled and set my phone aside. "Eavesdropper."
          He pulled my hand up and laced our fingers over and over between us. "I prefer to call it listening with purpose." I answered his grin with one of my own. "So he's excited about coming then?"
          "Good. Glad I bought the pull-out couch. Now Maria can sleep out here and they can take the guest room. Everybody's comfy."
          "So crafty," I teased. "Maria is going to go nuts when she sees you."
          "Likewise." He smiled, his dimple twinkling. He lifted his hand to my cheek. "Sorry I feel asleep."
          "It's OK. You've been working so hard to make sure everything is done for the summer before the schools let out. You deserved a nap."
          "I'm gonna miss this place. Miss Arizona," he said distractedly. His hand was still on my jaw, but his eyes were on the wall behind us. "But I can't wait to see where we can go next."
          "Me either," I said, my excitement evident.
          "You really don't mind?" His eyes were back on me. "Me dragging you all over the place?"
          "I'll follow you anywhere, Jacobson."
          "I know," he whispered sweetly. He sat up swiftly, sitting beside me, and pulled me into his lap, my legs on both sides. He framed my face with his warm hands and pressed his face to mine, noses and cheeks touching. "Even now, I still can't believe that we're here and you're mine."
          I replied softly, "And not only will I follow you anywhere, but I love you terribly."
          "I know that, too, baby." He moved achingly slow and brushed his lips across mine. "And I'm thankful for it every day." He kissed me, the suction taking my breath. "Every." Another kiss. "Single." Kiss. "Day." I was barely breathing on my own at that point and his smile was part smug, part sweet. "I love you."
          "I know." And I did.



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