Monday, March 4, 2013

WHO Has Been CAST AS CALEB?!?!!?

Hello Mr. Jeremy Sumpter and welcome to SIGNIFICANCE!
Let the dreamy sighs commence!

He is the star
of Friday Night Lights, Peter Pan, Soul Surfer and several other huge projects, and has signed a letter of intent to play Caleb. We are in negotiations with his representation right now!!! He is a fantastic actor and he will be the perfect Caleb. Please give him a huge warm welcome!!! 
Photo by Patsy Dunn.

Significance Movie Fan\Info\production Page is HERE!
Jeremy's FACEBOOK fan page is HERE!
Jeremy's TWITTER is HERE!
Jeremy's IMDB page is HERE!


  1. Oh yeah, that's going to work just fine!

  2. That's so awesome!!! I love Jeremy Sumpter!! I was watching Peter Pan the other night while downloading playlists from the Significant Series (which by the way Shelly, you have AWESOME music taste!!!)and wondering who would play Caleb. I guess the answer was right there on my tv!!

  3. OMG. My fantasies are now complete ^^

  4. Just give me a second to freak out first. Significance is being turned into a movie?!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! Also, Jeremy will make the perfect Caleb :D

  5. Oh my god! I've loved Jeremy since he was Peter Pan. I'm so excited now. I already have a countdown on my dashboard and it just got so much harder to wait.