Monday, March 11, 2013

Bish & Jen's Scene

          I held her sides as I stood behind her. We stood facing the front door of the house that was in our name, all ours. Her eyes were closed. It was pretty amusing to hear where she thought we were. The idea that won out was a nice hotel to get us out of her father's house for the night.
          She was so, so wrong.
          I let my lips touch her ear and told her to open her eyes. She pressed her back and behind into me and I heard my grunt right before she giggled and opened her eyes...and stayed completely still and silent. I let all my thoughts go so she'd be sure of what I was showing her. Of what I was offering.
          I wrapped my arms around her from behind and pressed my cheek to hers. "Do I have to tell you what this is?"
          She spun around and looked at me closely and pressed her lips tightly together. "Bish..."
          I felt my face fall. "Jenna, baby, don't. I thought you'd be-"
          I'd never seen her move so fast, but she was on me before I could blink. She didn't say a word as she slammed her warm mouth on mine. My hands knew her intention and helped hoist her into her favorite position. My arms wrapped around her thighs and I enjoyed the way her elbows perched on my shoulders so comfortably even when her mouth was attacking my very being.
          And we were standing in the middle of the freaking yard. I didn't want to give anyone a show, so I tightened my grip on her and carried her to the porch. I pulled away, chuckling at the release of suction from our mouths and the 'pop' that resounded. She laughed, too, and gave me a look. "What?" She laughed. "What could possibly be more important than your mouth right now?"
          "I didn't want to take you in without doing it the right way." My voice had gone all soft. I cleared my throat. "This is the threshold of your house, babe."
          "Our house," she corrected and looked up at the roof of the porch. She laughed silently, but her eyes glazed with unshed tears. "I never thought I'd have this. I never thought I'd have a place of my own where Maria and I could just be our own little family. I love my parents and I love that house, but I need this." She ran her hand through my hair. "I need you. I never, ever doubted that you'd take care of us. Whether a house, or apartment, or a rental, I didn't care. I just want to be with you."
          "Well, you got it." I closed my eyes and pressed my forehead to hers as she rubbed my head again. "You got me. I didn't know how I was going to make this happen, but I-"
          "It doesn't matter how this happened." She kissed the spot between my eyes. "Caleb or no Caleb. Bish...this house isn't my home." I opened my eyes to see her right there, so close. "You are my home."   
          I pulled and squeezed her to me. Her lips moved gently this time and I gave it back to her just as slowly. I crossed the threshold with her and right before her back would have slammed into the wall, I slowed and eased her to it. Her hips rolled towards me and I huffed a breath into her mouth. "Jenna," I warned.
          "No one's here," she said against my lips. "And I can't think of a better way to christen the house that this."
          I felt a rumble go through me. "Jen-"
          "Bish," she whispered and took my mouth again. I kicked the door closed and almost laughed when she started to pull my shirt up over my chest. It had only been a couple days since the wedding, but I'd be comfortable throwing it out there that we beat all the newlyweds in the...shabang...department. My Jenna was passionate in a way that I never knew a woman could be.
          I'd only ever been with one girl before and that was a stupid, misled, teenage mistake. To be honest, I wasn't ever really that interested in girls. I was too busy trying to make something of myself so that I never had to relive the hell I went through as a kid. I avoided attachments to people like the plague. The only people I ever let in were Maggie, Jim and Sarah. And that took a while before I realized that it was real and I could finally breathe. It was all worth it to find them, even after Mom did her disappearing act.
          I was such an oaf and I worried so much about doing all the right things with Jenna. I didn't know how to be with someone in daily life, let alone know how to be someone's husband. Or how what we were about to do. I felt like a freaking pubescent teenager. But now, I knew exactly what to do.
          I nudged her face up with mine and latched on to the place where her neck and shoulder meets. She gripped my hair tighter and gasped. The male in me was just getting riled up when I heard a squeal. And it wasn't from Jenna.
          We both lifted our heads and stayed still, listening. We heard it again. I put her down in a rush and fixed my shirt while Jenna fixed hers...just in time for Maria to burst through the door with Peter and Rachel in tow.
          "Maria...Mom and Dad," Jen said wryly and gave them a look.
          "Maria couldn't wait," Rachel explained and ran her hand down Maria's hair. "Where's your room, do you think?"
          "I'm gonna go find it!" She charged down the hall. "Ooooh, my gosh!" we heard down the hall. "Oooooh, oh, oh, my gosh! This is so my room!"
          We couldn't help but laugh at her. I smoothed Jen's hair and gave her a look to convey to her that this was something we'd be picking back up again very soon. "Stop looking at me like that, beefy," she said and slapped my behind as she passed.
          I laughed and watched her go, but as soon as I looked back, Peter's raised eyebrow was staring at me. I straightened and cleared my throat. "Peter."
          "Bish," he said, clearly amused, but also...not.
          I still found myself smiling. This was my life now and it was all I ever wanted. When Maria came in and grabbed my hand, beckoning me to see the room she'd chosen, I followed easily, with Peter and Rachel behind me.
          "Look, Momma," she said as we entered and she let go of my hand to twirl by the window. "I have a window the size of a Volkswagen!" Everyone laughed so hard, but Maria was oblivious. "It's what I always wanted!"
          Jenna looked at me and I looked at her. Maria ran to me and tried to wrap her arms around my middle, but couldn't reach all the way. I smiled down at her. "Thank you," she said simply. Jen came to us and we made a Maria sandwich. She giggled and I kissed my wife over her head.
          This was what it was all about. I wanted nothing but everything for my girls, and it was my mission to see that happen. Money didn't matter, status was nothing, the past was just that, and kids deserved a childhood with people that loved them to pieces. Volkswagen sized windows included.
          This was who I was now. Finally, I was who I was always meant to be. 


  1. Aww, I love this. Thanks for posting! :) I love Bish and Jen. I'm glad they got their happy ending.

  2. Aww, Shelly, that was beautiful! Just confirming once again how much I love Bish (& Jen). This is one of my favorite series :)

  3. Thank you for was just....beautiful. I love their story almost as much as Caleb and Maggie's. Brings a tear to my eye to know of their joy and happiness. ♥

  4. Aww :') Bish is one of my favs apart from Caleb. Really loved this Thank You Shelly

  5. Awesome Shelly!!!! Thanks for posting!!!! I've always wanted in on Bish and Jen's side! =)

  6. Shelly, this is so great to be able to hear how Bish and Jen felt when they got the house. My favorite part is when Maria picked her bedroom and was trying to give Bish a hug. The way Maria talks about her window reminds me of how a young child would see it. Thanks so much for sharing this with your fans Shelly.

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!this makes me want to go back & read this book. it also makes me SO, super duper excited to see the movie!!!!

    this was great! thank you for this.

  8. Terrific! Thank you for sharing. We love hearing the details of all your characters.

  9. Now that I have read this little teaser, I want to read the whole things.

  10. Thank you for sharing! So sweet :)

  11. Loved it!!!! thanks 4 sharing... plus when is wide awake coming out???

  12. Aaaaasaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! My eyes were blurred with tears by the end of this.

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  14. AWWWWWWWW. I'm glad it's all worked out for Bish and Jen.

  15. awwwwwww im sooo glad bish and jen got their happy ending i love this series soo much

  16. Aww! They're so cute together!!!
    And Mair's vocabulary!! Wow!! How old is she again? ;-) Lol.

  17. I am absolutely in love with this series... thanks for the additions!! LOVE THEM