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Merrick - Revolution - Chapter One

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OK, little disclaimer. 
Yes, this is a chapter from the very beginning from when Merrick went and got Sherry, but it's a flashback. It's also the first chapter to Revolution!
Like how I snuck that in there, huh? 
Anyway, if you haven't read Catalyst yet, I wouldn't suggest you read this until you do. 
You have been warned! 

Where It All Began
Chapter 1


                I rode in the passenger seat of the busted Chevy truck. The man beside me smelled of musk and cigar that had long saturated the seats and his clothes. We bounced along the road and I tried to calm myself as I took in my surroundings and not think about the reality that I was going to meet Sherry for the very first time. And Danny, too, of course.
          The pain in my chest was palpable to a human's heart attack. It was unreal the amount of terror that seethed its way through my guts in a rampant way, hell bent on destroying me at my very core.
          Because I had waited and watched as the world was destroyed and taken over by the Lighters for far too long. We always waited until we could wait no more. Sometimes they just wanted to cause a ruckus, start a war or end a dynasty and then they'd leave and go back to where they came from. But every now and then, they'd come and a Taker would make its way into their ranks. When that happened, we could no longer sit back.
          The Taker was here, and now so were we.
          I almost broke every rule I've fought years to keep and come the other night to Sherry's rescue. That Matt, such an idiot. If Sherry hadn't slammed the door on him, I would have been there in a heartbeat, jumped in the first corpse I could find and strangled him with my bare hands. But she always could handle herself and now, with my heart beating in a human chest, I felt ashamed for the first time in my life for not trusting her more. She was this incredible creature that had worked her way into my life without her knowledge and without my consent. And now, here I was, hitching a ride in a broken down pickup truck making a swift ride to her. Right to her door.
          My hands shook on my lap and I stared at them in fascination. The human body was marvelous and annoying. I was…anxious. My body shook with almost a strange fright, and it did it against my will. That part I didn't like at all.
          I asked the driver to turn into an abandoned parking lot and thanked him for the ride. He waved, bored and uncaring, and drove away with a sputter. I peeked through the shrubs just as Sherry's little Rabbit beat its way into the parking lot. I could barely see her through the glass because of the glare of streetlights, but her silhouette was enough to throw my heart into a pace that hurt and made me clutch this human chest. And when the door creaked open and I knew I’d see her for the very first time in real life with human eyes, I actually thought I might expire right there. My heart raced unhealthily and my eyes blurred…and then there she was, right in front of me. She fought and fidgeted with the items in her hands and I ached to help her, hold her, sweep her into my clumsy arms and take her away.
          So even though Danny was my priority, or was supposed to be, I found my feet being propelled forward by nothing but the sheer need to see if her skin was as soft as it looked.
          I stepped by the shrub and stopped so as not to scare her. I scolded myself, hearing my breathing loud and unnecessary to my body's function. It was a miracle in itself that she wasn't alerted to my presence from that alone.
          She turned to me and stopped cold. Her eyes saw me for the first time and even though she was obviously scared of me, some strange man in her parking lot at night alone, I still couldn’t wait for her to speak.
          But she said, "Matt?" and stiffened.
          I felt my eyebrows bunch in confusion and then it all clicked into a horrified reality. How had this happened? I was in Matt's body? I looked at her face and knew she was about to bolt. I did the only thing I could think to do. "Sherry, don't run. Don't be afraid."
          I inwardly cringed at hearing Matt's voice come out of my mouth. She cringed, too, and leaned back a little. It hurt to see her retreat from me. This was not going how I had imagined, though I wasn't really sure what I thought she'd do. I was still a stranger to her, no matter than I knew every detail of her life.
          "Matt, what are you doing here?" she asked me, jerking me from my thoughts.
          “Sherry, listen, please. I know you’re scared of me and I know this sounds crazy, but I need you to open your mind and just listen to me for a minute, ok? I need you to come with me.”
          We went back and forth and eventually, with wasted time strangling me with worry, I decided to lay all of my cards on the table, so to speak. "You don't have to fear me. I'm not…Matt."
          Well that backfired when I saw her little cheeks turn red with anger. "Matt, stop it! It's not funny!" She breathed hard with fear. I hated that I and I alone had put that fear into her by coming here, even if I had done it haphazardly.
          I reached deep for some sense of calm and comfort. Maybe if I just explained things rationally… “I’m not trying to be funny, Sherry, just listen. The strange things going on in your world...”
          I saw her step. I couldn't let her get away, so I stepped. Her brow arched in silent challenge and it was so cute, I had to stop myself from taking another step toward her, but I knew that would just make her more upset. She stepped again and I countered. “Matt...died, Sherry. I know this is odd and unsettling for you and I’ll explain everything later, but we don’t have time. I’m here to help you and we need to leave, right now.”
          She bolted. It thrilled me that she finally caved, because I wanted to touch her more than anything and this gave me the excuse. I blurred to block her path and grabbed her tiny wrist, careful of my strength that wasn't quite human. My fingers tingled a bit at her touch, but I focused on my task as I spun her around and pressed her to the wall, covering her mouth with one hand.
          Then all bets were off.
          She smelled like Vanilla and soap and it felt like it slapped me right in the face. I never could have imagined what she actually smelled like and now, I was being assaulted by it.
          Her lips under my palm twitched and caressed my skin. Though she was giving me the look of death with her gorgeous eyes, I let my mind wander to her soft lips. I imagined what they'd feel like if she allowed me to touch them, instead of me taking that touch.
          She then squinted her eyes and turned her face as if she expected me to hurt her. I felt my lips thin. I wished I'd come down and taken care of ol' Matt long ago. Though it would have made me break my oath to Danny, my oath to not intervene because she wasn't my charge, I wished as she looked at me and waited for Matt's wrath that I had done something.
          She peeked at me and she must have seen how torn I was. We both were breathing and mingling our breaths together loudly. I held in a groan just barely. Her breath was warm and a hint of mint made me have the strangest overtaking sensation to kiss her.
          I licked my lips to stop myself from doing just that and instead focused harder. “Sherry, I’m going to uncover your mouth. Please don’t scream. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise, that’s not what I’m here for. I just need you to listen to me. It’s very important and we don’t have time for this. Can I uncover your mouth?”
          I could see the smart mouthed comment forming, a hint of a smirk twitched at the corner of her lip as she thought of it. I wanted to smile, imaging exactly what she'd say at this moment. I moved my gaze across her features. Can you imagine seeing a priceless Michelangelo painting from far away for so long and finally getting an up close and personal look that seemed to be only for you? That's what this felt like. I'd seen her a million times over the years, but it was like I was seeing her for the very first time. It was like I was the only one to have this moment.
          Her eyes were solid, no flecks or specks. Her cheeks looked soft, her ears cute and elf-like, her chin round and adorably stubborn, her neck curved and…kissable. I moved my eyes back up to her lips; pout, parted, and passionate.
          I gulped and decided to try to keep persuading her. “I’m not Matt, ok, I need you to understand that. After everything going on, the moon and the visitors, I’m sure you can comprehend this. I’m not Matt. Matt died in a car crash about five hours ago in Orland Park. He was drunk and was out there by himself in his truck. I know your world has noticed the strange events taking place. I am a part of that and I’m on your side, but...they’re coming. I need you to believe me and to get Danny. We have to go. Now.”
          I could see all over her face that she didn't believe me. She licked her lips and I felt a humming pain go through me. A delicious pain that warmed my body. I waited, bated and needy. It was embarrassing I was sure, if I knew how to be embarrassed.
                She squirmed a bit, but it was easy to keep her there. She had spirit, always had. But I had a job to do here and we needed to get going and get out of there as quickly as possible. Then she began to lie. I wanted to be angry, or suspicious, but it sounded so much more endearing in person.
          “Matt - I mean, whoever you are - let me go, and then we’ll talk, ok? I’ll go inside to get Danny and I’ll be right back and then we can go. Ok?”
          I wasted no more time and began my search of her. I kept reminding myself that I had to do this, to make sure she hadn't been compromised, that she was still on our side. Well, at least I hoped she still would be after I kidnapped her, which I was about to do.
          I let my fingers crawl over her belly. I'd seen that belly so many times and had been objective, but this…her breaths moving under my hands, her skin quivering under my touch… I quickly removed my hand from her stomach and moved to her thigh.
          Oh, gah, not better! Not better, Merrick! She must have thought so, too, because she gave me a look that told me she didn't appreciate me getting intimate with the area under her skirt. I felt a little ashamed at enjoying it so much, but it had to be done. I frisked all of my Specials…when I came to earth. Ahem…
          I did my best to assure her of my sincere apology as I took the syringe from my back pocket and poked it into the delicate skin of her arm. She fell limp and I swiftly placed her in the car and blurred to the front door.
          I knocked and Danny answered, all groggy and agitated as usual.
          "What do you want?" he asked angrily. I took me a split second to remember that I wore that horrible man's face. I pasted on a sad smile and told him my little story. It wasn't as surreal as meeting Sherry, but Danny was animated and eager. He believed me right away, kind of making me peeved at him for it. He was too gullible, always had been.
          He ran to the car and jumped into the driver's side. I explained that I had somewhere to take them and he drive us there quickly, breaking the speed laws I was sure. I would chastise him for such an act if the Lighters hadn't been so close to coming and getting Danny.
          We arrived and I hoisted Sherry's small weight in my arms and led the way to the underground warehouse. Danny went off to explore and I tried not to explore his sister in his absence. I smelled her hair as I set her down in the chair.
          Without any permission of mine, my body's hands took her face gently. I wanted to gasp at the feel of it. I had wanted to do that so badly that I had let my human emotions control me. Oh, well. She was aware and had already felt me do it, might as well keep going.
                “I know you can still hear me in there. I’m sorry I had to do that to you, but I had to get you and Danny to safety. It’ll still be a while until you wake up. Listen, I know how this sounds and looks and I can explain everything to you both when you wake up, but I’m not Matt. Matt is dead and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that. I’m not here to hurt you or Danny. We’re underground in a warehouse with only one way in and one way out. The elevator and I have the key. I promise you, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to help. We are going to be here together for a while so it would be nice if you’d get use to the idea... Sherry,” I breathed her name with every ounce of reverence in me.
          I inched closer and once again stopped myself from letting my lips touch her forehead. Instead, I did the stupidest thing I'd ever done. “I can’t believe I’m actually here, actually touching you.” I let my thumb rub back and forth over her cheek to let her feel, even for just a second, the power of my words. “You don’t know how long I’ve..." Enough, Merrick! "Just try to get some sleep. We’ll go over everything together later. By the way, my name is Merrick. I’ll be around when you wake up.”
          I let my fingers slide reluctantly from her face and stood. I gulped and left her before I made an even bigger fool of myself. I went in search of Danny and just hoped beyond hope that when she woke, she'd at least listen to what I had to say.

          I was remembering…
          This was the past from when I first came to get them all those months ago. One of my favorite memories because all of my dreams became real that day.
          All of a sudden, there was this strange light blocking my way. Clich√© and bright and beckoning for these types of situations. I didn't remember there being a light before when I thought back to what had happened that day.
          I took a deep, thinking breath. The light barreled toward me and I just let it engulf me. I remembered the bunker, I remembered the Lighter, I remembered the knife, I remembered Sherry's face as I fell, my Lily.
          I didn't want to go into that light, it felt final and pulling, but I couldn't stop it from taking me…

Revolution : Expected release September 2012
More teasers to come soon!


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