Friday, February 3, 2012


My First Kiss… 

Well, I'm not going to tell you about my first kiss. Honestly, it was so strange and unforgettable that I can't even remember the exact details. But! I met my husband, who've I've been married to for almost 11 years now, when I was a senior in high school. We went to different schools. We both lived on the Fl\Ga border - me Ga, him Fl - and wound up working at the same fast food place after school. Well, our towns aren't exactly friendly with each other so when we started working together, it was not love at first sight. J 

But one thing led to another. I realized that he was not a jerk as first assumed and he realized that I was not so bad either. We got stuck working together a lot because we could only work after school. So after many days of staring at him over the burger board and fry vat, I was thrilled when he finally asked me out! Only to realize it was a group date. And then the next one was a group date, and the next one, and the next one. J I was starting to wonder if I had something wrong with me. And then one day our 'third wheel' cancelled on us and my now husband asked if I still wanted to go out, even though it would just be us. He was so nervous!! I then realized why he'd been reluctant to be alone with me on dates; he wasn't sure if I liked him or was just 'hanging out' as friends. So I whole heartedly said yes. 

And from then on, we went on dates all by ourselves. Now, we still didn't have our first kiss for quite some time. I think we were going into our 3rd month of group dates\just us dates before we finally locked lips. Let me set the mood for you. It was a dark, chilly theater in Kingsland, GA. We were in the very back row and the theater was empty, save my brother and his girlfriend who opted to sit up front. Galaxy Quest was playing on the screen. And though that movie is freaking hilarious, I had other things on my mind. I looked at him and he was already looking at me. We just went for it. 

I remember everything so vividly, I could be right back in that theater now. I remember thinking the stupid arm rest was in the way. I remember thinking "How on earth on we kissing? Who moved first?" I remember thinking that he had the softest lips ever. I remember that it took us a while to come up and I had to re-watch Galaxy Quest at another time because we didn't see the ending. I remember that I never had to wait for another kiss again. He was always ready to plant one on me and was done being nervous. And I loved it! 

The thing is that I really don't know who kissed who first. I knew if I waited we’d both get nervous and probably not do it but I don't remember being the one to lean in. I'd later learn from my now husband that I surprised 'attack kissed' him. Oh well, it got the job done. J 

I hope you all have as good of luck as me. My hubs is one in a million, best down the best kisser and most sweetest guy on this planet. He's my significant and if I could have, we'd have imprinted the first time he handed me a burger over the counter. 

So! What I want from you is to tell me your first kiss. Obviously not in this depth, but just give me the juicy gist. One winner will be chosen from the comments to win a signed paperback of Significance. 

Keep on going for more chances to win. One each day a new blog will tell you some juicy kiss details and you can enter to win there as well.

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Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane


  1. Lol so im sitting here debating who to pick when my hubby calls so i'll take that as a sign that the other ones dont matter lol okay so we went out to lunch for chinese then went to the park to talk and chill out when we got back to the car he opened my door got really close to me and said the most cheesiest line "you know my kiss will make you fall in love witj me" I laughed so hard and said "yeah right" eye roll included then he grabbed the back of my neck and WOW OH WOW was he right that was 5 years ago lol

  2. my first kiss with hubby , well can't say because the first kiss with him was a dream , i dreamed a week before i ever met him , lol .when i woke up the next morning i was holding my pillow tight and i woke myself saying , I'm gald you made it, it's took long enough! no lie. a friend of mine brought him to meet me, i opened my front door with a long black gown on that had a split up the side and i put my leg out and said come on in, lol . Paul and i had been good friends forever, no not that kind of friends! He ask if i would go out with him (Paul) i told him no but , i would go out with him (Neal)so at the end of the night we took Paul home and on the drive home, Neal pulled over as we toped the hill as the sun was comming up and took my hand and leaned over and we kissed, he said he had been waiting all night for that. He took me on home , kissed me againg at my front door. asked me if he could see me again and i said YES!!!. That's how it all begain for 22 years now....

  3. LOL about the surprise attack kiss! Go Shelly!

  4. I had known my husband for two years through a group of us who partied together. I SO wanted a friend of mine to go out with Darryl, but she kept saying he was like a brother to her. On the Fourth of July that friend and I were talking about our feet and looking at how cute they were, and Darryl joined in on the conversation. The next day we all got together again, and Darryl was paying more attention to me than usual, but I realized that we had more in common than I expected. As the party died down, we were in the backyard alone, he moved in closer towards my face. I pulled back and said “what are you doing?” He said trying to kiss you, and then that was the beginning of us. We got married the following March in Las Vegas and have been married 14 years next month. Also we got married on Friday the 13th with 13 guests in the chapel.

  5. Iwill tell you about my best kiss not the first one. This one wasn't even with a significant.

    I was 16 and my brother was down the street at the neighbor kids house. Mike's parents weren't home and so the boys had been in the liquor cabinet. I was not amused to have to deal with an intoxicated brother while picking him up. Much less an intoxicated Mike.

    Mike had been in love with me since we were in diapers. Literally. So when I picked bub up mike grabbed ahold of me playfully and said he wasn't letting go. He held me just tight enough I couldn't escape and said the only way I was getting loose was to kiss him.

    So I did. And wow. That was the only kiss in my life where sparks actually flew. He let me go and I ran out to the car yelling at my brother to hurry up before I made a descision I regretted.

    15 years later I still wonder at that one. We never would have worked as a couple way different intellegence levels and goals in life. But I still wonder what it would have been like to be kissed like that daily

  6. I really want to say that I have had a mind boggling, breathtaking, heart racing first kiss, but truthfully I haven't...I am still waiting for that special person that makes my breath fly away just looking at him. Your kiss sounds like it was pretty awesome and your book sound freakin awesome too! so even though I haven't had my awesome kiss yet I hope I can still have a chance to win your awesome book! Thank you Shelly!

  7. Funny. My first kiss ever was when I was 16 years old. I was crushing on this guy forever! We worked together at Sonic. One night I went into the walk in freezer to get something, and he was in there. And he kissed me. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever.

  8. So bold, Shelly! ;) Is it sad i don't remember my first kiss with the hubs but remember my first kiss ever? I was in 8th he was in 10th (TINY school) and it was sweet and...we'll just leave it at that. ;)

  9. Well...I have never been kissed :) unless you count kindergarden. During nap time, I kissed a little black boy named Bee. Yep we were those nap time hooligans that didn't want anyone else to sleep, but one special day we kissed behind the rocking chair that sat between us. How romantic does that sound :)

  10. How enlightening Charla. Mike was a hound dog especially when he'd act a fool and get smashed from sneaking into things he should've left be. I recall him freqently riding his bike to the Cabinet Shop with his other buddy GM to "see GM's Dad". Although, I worked there that summer too; mainly with GM's Dad. I remember Mike annoying me that whole summer, and I kept putting him off because he wasn't what I considered serious or smart. He continued to follow me once school started in the Fall. He was so determined to be more to me than friends, so I decided that if I just kissed him he'd leave me alone. I know that sounds like I'm full of myself, but his tenaciity really wore me down. I found it charming really. I thought why not; what could one kiss hurt? I remember being back by the lockers in the Ag building he held my hand for a moment. No one else was around, so I leaned in to press my lips on his. His lips were soft, and he was sweet, and obviously a practiced kisser.:)

  11. Well, I'll just share my first kiss with the hubby, because my very first kiss was when I was six...and we don't need to hear about that craziness ><

    I met him on a Saturday at a friend's birthday party my junior year in high school, and I swear it was like we imprinted. We spent Sunday talking and he asked me to a dance, then he was driving me home from school on Monday, and driving me to and from school by Tuesday. That Tuesday afternoon my mom conned him into taking me to a dentist appointment. When I went back I felt weird about just leaving him out there, so he came back with me. The dentist walks in and goes "who's this? Friend or significant other?" We hadn't talked about anything official, so all I could think to say was "yes". *Awkward* We talked about it after we left, thankfully laughing about it, and when he left my house that night he gave me a good night kiss. It was the first time a kiss with a new boyfriend didn't feel awkward or anything, it just felt right and it was sweet. We've been inseparable since. We've been together ten years this September and married for five years this August.

    I absolutely love the Significance Series, and my hubby feels like my significant and I'm so happy to have found him so early in life.

  12. Heather White! You are the winner!!!

  13. Awesome post, Shelly! My hubby was not my first kiss but he was/is definitely the best. My first kiss was pretty embarrassing and sad.

  14. Oh, that is so sweet, I have goosebumps :)