Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas!! How 'Bout A Giveaway!

Appreciation for being awesome! 
A chance for two $25 Amazon gift cards

Well, it's almost Christmas time. I've been looking back over this past year and wondering what the heck has happened to me! :) I've transformed from a stay-at-home-mom to a stay-at-home-mom who writes. I've met so many awesome people from all over the world and have just been blown away by all of your emails and post and comments. The list could go on and on. Seriously, truly, sincerely, thank you.

So I was talking to my hubs and telling him all this and he said, "Why not do an Amazon gift card giveaway?" A genius that man is. He is as close to a significant as they come and you can thank him because here we are! And $25 bucks? That's a lot of books! 

So, the deets for entering said giveaway are this:
1. Follow my blog on the left so I can keep up with you
2. Comment below this post telling me what books you are dying to buy - Do not have to be mine ;) Be sure to include your email.
3. Spread a little Christmas cheer of your own! I'd never actually know if you carried this one out or not, I'll just trust that it was so ;)

Giveaway ends this Friday the 16th at Midnight, EST and Sat morning I'll pick the winners and send you an email.

Thank you, Spasibo,Thank you, Danke, Thank you,Khawp khun,Thank you, Arigato,Thank you, Mahalo, Thank you,  Xie xie, Thank you, Thenk ye,Thank you, Grazias,Thank you, Gràsce, Thank you, Salamat, Thank you,Jag tackar, Thank you!!! 

Merry Christmas!
Shelly Crane


  1. I am a new follower - Emily Tardy
    Lara Adrian's Darker then Midnight!
    And yes, I'm spreading holiday cheer, my boys and I are going to be making christmas cookies in a few minutes =D
    Thank you for the chance to win

  2. I love you Shelly! You are on the top of my favorites list. Globug70@comcast.net

  3. I'm a new follower. Would love to buy your book and the last dark swan book by richelle mead the end of Dec.

  4. You always do the best give aways!! :0) Well I'm currently waiting on all the sequeals in all of your series as well as M. Leightons next and Addison Moores. The list could go on and on. I spend a small fortune on amazon! lol. Hope you have a wonderful christmas and a good new year! :0) vanna0408@yahoo.com

  5. I am a fan/follower of your blog and facebook. My fav series is J Frost Night Huntress. I love spreading Christmas cheer. Each year me and my hubby take our neice and nephew on our annual holiday shopping experience. I call it an experience because we always do something fun or unusual. this year we are taking the train downtown to shop all the speciality stores. We live in Central Fl so a train ride is NOT the norm.

  6. You are always a favorite im actuall;y rereading all your books :) I just finished Devour for the 3 time.. im moving on to the Collide series again :) I cant wait to read more. Right now im readin and approving the Monster High books for my niece. Im on boook one rite now. Have to buy the next 2. :) Would love a chance to win the gift card. :) I love reading i love my kinld app :) lol
    Thank You!!!! Love you Shelly!

  7. Um okay existance by abbi gline, catalyst by you lol, defiance by you lol, expel by addison moore, madly 3 by m.leighton, the second book to the childe by c.a kunz ummm I think thats it for now lol nittni@yahoo.com

  8. I am dying for your next in the significance series. rwarren3330@gmail.com

    sorry missed part

  9. I have a very long list of books I would like to buy, but here are a few:

    Defiance!! (can't get here quick enough)
    The Secret Circle series by L.J. Smith
    Die for Me by Amy Plum
    First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost
    Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

    I could go on and on!! :)

    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway and for a chance to win!!


  10. I'm a new follower. Would love to buy your book and so many more which include Anna Dressed in Blood, Clockwork Prince, and The BDB series by JR Ward. Hope you have a fabulous christmas and a wonderful new year :)


  11. There's too many to post! I'm definitely looking forward to all of your upcoming releases as well as Jeri Smith-Ready's Shine, Susan MacQuoid's Dead Sweet Angel, Cassandra Clare's City of Lost Souls, Lauren Kate's Rapture, Claudia Gray's Balthazar and there's probably more to that list lol. Im spreading Christmas cheer tonight, I and a troop leader for my daughters girl scout troop and we are having a Christmas program tonight for one of the local senior centers in town :)


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  13. Hi Shelly! I want all of the books I haven't read of yours, of course. Sarah's Keys, mrs peregrine's home for peculiar children and The Onyx Talismen :) Natalie.n.morris@gmail.com. Have a great holiday!

  14. Hi Shelly, what a great contest. There are so many books I want but I will make a short list. I want the last 2 JR Ward books of the BDB series Lover Mine and Lover Unleashed, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Eternal Starling, and The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  15. I want to read book two in the Significance series along with a boat load of others.
    Happy Holidays!

  16. I am a new follower but have read all of your books!! I am completely in love with the Signifiance series and I am anxiously awaiting the next one!!! I love Christmas time making sugar cookies with my kids and nieces. Which always gets us in the christmas sprite. We then give them out to the mailman and trashman the kids love watching for them to hand out!!! Have a great Christmas.


  17. I am DYING to buy Defiance, Catalyst, and Consume by you, Forgotten, Shadow light, Sight, Sisters Of Strigois, and Blood Rights by Kailin Gow, Expel by Addison Moore, Moon-Burn by Erin Ervin, and Swear by Amanda Hocking(:

  18. I didn't know I could follow your Blog...but now I do!!! :-) On my book wish list there is Wide Awake, Hollowland, Georgina Kincaid Series, Collide, Blood like Poison. Always spreading Christmas Cheer! mrshelmig(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. Just signed up to officially follow even though I already have been :) i have an amazon wish list full of books and it's practically a mile long! normally i would say i'd buy your books but i have them all already! i do want to read Abbi Glines 'Existence' - i loved her other books and can't wait to see how she tackles the paranormal. I also want to get in on all the Morganville Vamp books.

  20. hi(:
    I'm a big fan of yours! so of course I'd use it on getting catalyst and defiance once they are release. I'd also get the book callum and Harper. also beckoning light (: and a array of other books in series I've been reading for my kindle. I absolutely love to read and find new books/authors ( so thanks for introducing me to some via your blog). I know there are many fans who will be trying for this but I hope I win. Im a book junkie! lol thanks for this opportunity and merry Christmas to you and your family!



  22. I was never a "reader" until my sister made me read the twilight books and then I feel in love with reading. In just 2 weeks I have read the hunger games series, significance, accordance, and matched.....I love reading now!

    My sister also made me read significance. She said it was the best love story she's ever read. It was great! I read them both over the weekend and I can't wait for Defiance!

    My list of books to read are really all series. I feel attached to characters, so series are more appealing to me so that I don't have to let go of that "world" to fast... The series I would like to read are:
    Perfect Chemistry
    Mortal Instruments

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  24. Aww you are too sweet:) This is an awesome giveaway to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. There are a couple of books I am looking forward to reading next year and they are:

    Defiance of course:)
    Clockwork Princess by Cassie Clare
    Swear by Amanda Hocking
    City of Lost Souls by Cassie Clare
    Linger and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
    Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell

    I love reading new books and great recommendations. Good Luck everyone! Thank you Shelly for being so generous:-)

    My email is selagicortez@yahoo.com.

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  26. I love your signifinance series. I work for a blood bank and I'm asking donors to bring in a can good for the needy and they will receive a t-shirt. I want to a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. I have been following you for a while now(ruthparedes1@gmail.com).I am looking forward to buying all of your new upcoming releases as well as books from;Megan Duncan, Addison Moore, Amanda Hocking, Keary Taylor, Tammy Blackwell, Fisher Amelie, Tiffany King, Nichole Chase and many many more independent authors.
    Christmas is my second favorite holiday and i will be doing my best to spread Christmas cheer!

  28. Ooohhhh...this is an AWESOME question. I've been stockpiling samples until I collect my Christmas gift cards (*hint, hint* to my hubby). Here is my list:
    Clockwork Prince, Shadow Demons (Peachvlle #4), Between the Heaves of Storm, With My Last Breath (Bloodstone Saga), Hollowmen (Hollows 2), Secret of the Keepers (Kailmeyra 2), The Vision (Fallen Star 3), Torn (Demon Kissed 3), Vindicated (Fall of Angels 3), Touch (Denazen 1), Darkness in the Blood (Gifted Blood 2), and The Fallen 3. Oh, and Expel (Celestra 6) when it comes out in January. Sorry, Shelly, but I've read all yours so they can't be on this list :) Except I'm DYING for Catalyst!! cricket327@comcast.net

  29. You are opening up a HUGE can of worms asking for a book list! I have approximately over 200 books on my wish list! :) I really can't wait for Defiance! ;) I cheated and bought Clockwork Prince before I got it for Christmas! LOL Magic of the Moonlight by Ellen Schreiber , BloodRose by Andrea Cremer! Hallowed by Cynthia Hand, Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton, Destined by Aprilynne Pike, ... I could go on and on. those are a touch of my sequels to be released early next year. Others I want to get are The blood red road by Moira Young,
    Dearly, Departed (Gone With the Respiration #1)by Lia Habel, and so many more. I have a never ending list of books it would seem. Hence why my husband tries to push the e-reader on me as apposed to physical copies. I admit I'm a bit of an old fashioned girl when it comes to my books. I like the real thing! :) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed, healthy, and happy, New Year! -- Holli Inthespirit07hs@aol.com

  30. Shelly, you know I love your books and the ones you recommend. I am dying to read Gone With the Wind. I have seen the movie and love it but need, need, need to read it. Especially since I am now an adopted Southerner! I am going to go spread some holiday cheer by making my awesome dog walker some homemade toffee! Merry Days to you and your family!!

  31. I'm DYING DYING DYING for all of your next books, seriously! Also on my list is The Matched series, clockwork prince, the next in line for Smokeless fire, then next book in the Hollowland series, the next book in the Warriors of Ankh, OH SO MANY SERIES THAT I'M WAITING FOR!!! So excited that I have so much to look forward to! Right now anxiously awaiting Catalyst and Defiance!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!

  32. The book I would like to read most right now is Drift by Penni Russon, however it is a rare find in print or ebook. Therefore my next pick would be too difficult to make because theyre is too many wonderful books out right now by amazing authors. I wouldnt be able to pick one and my goodread accts show over 2000 books to read.
    Amber Garcia

  33. As kiss assish as it sounds, I can't wait for all 3 of your up coming books...REALLY, I am not just saying that :-)
    Lisa Marts

  34. Love everything you write. Can't wait for Catalyst! Hope you have a Merry Christmas with your boys. I know mine are getting so excited!

  35. Forgot my e-mail in the previous posting.


    Merry Christmas!

  36. Humm... Well, I am of course going to buy up Catalyst as soon as it drops! I am in desperate need of my Merrick fix. I also wanted to check out book 4 in the "My Blood Approves" series by Amanda Hocking..I also have been wanting to check out her Trylle Trilogy :) Thanks for another great giveaway Shelly! You rock!

  37. Very Merry Christmas! Wish you could see my wish list on Amazon. That doesn't count all the books that I do buy. I'm dying for your next books as well as Amanda Hocking's last in the My Blood Approves series. Christmas cheer has been very merrily spread. I've been taking my boys to drop off toys at different Toys for Tots locations. Wonderful giveaway Shelly!

  38. newest follower!
    My list of books I would buy grows by at least 2-3 books a day but I am hoping to buy Never Love a Highlander by Maya Banks this week.

    thanks for the chance to win, happy holidays!!


  39. I'm a new follower!! I love your books :) I am currently dying for Fifty Shades Freed coming in January, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Lola and the Boy Next Door. I am about to read your Collide book so I can be ready for the next one in December!

    I wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!!!

  40. im a new follower. I'm 16 and have to buy a whole bunch of american classics for my honors English class. bore! haha but I'm also dying to buy fragile eternity by melissa marr. and the return to nowhere by lauren bird...my email is jackson.jessica99@gmail.com

  41. I am dying to read Catalyst of course but I also have about 58 books that I have sampled and added to the wishlist that I have created on my kindle. I have a lot of reading to do.

  42. Shelly: First of all, THANK YOU for releasing Catalyst so soon!!! Secondly, I have a ton of books I'd love to have from Amazon...most of which are recommendations from your blog and Goodreads profile :)
    On another note: Finding your work has been a real blessing. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

  43. Im a new follower and proud of it. Right now the books im dying to read Defiance, Catalyst, Defiance (i know i should have read it by now),and Just one drop by Quinn Loftis(recommend reading her books).

  44. Whoops...Ellen Ramey is at eramey1959@gmail.com :)

  45. Hmmmmm books I am dying to buy......
    I'll just name a few......
    1.Reckoning- Lili St. Crow
    2.Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare
    3.Drink Deep- Chloe Neill
    4.If I Die- Rachel Vincent
    5.Bleeding Hearts- Alyxandra Harvey
    6.Spider's Revenge- Jennifer Estep
    7.Swear- Amanda Hocking
    8.Destiny & Deception- Shannon Delany
    9.Catalyst & Defiance (the author is a secret.....)
    (one more book because I hate odd numbers...)
    10.Last rite- Lisa Desrochers
    *I hope that is enough my list is longer but any more and you would get bored! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  46. Kole and his Girls email address is byuibabe7@hotmail.com

  47. Have we fans mentioned lately how incredibly awesome you (and the fam) are? Just checking ;)

    Oh wow, that's a long list of books. I have a specific Amazon wish list for first books in a series. There are 38 books on that list. Among them are Paranormal Public by Maddy Edwards, Die For Me by Amy Plum, Meant to Be by Tiffany King, Stealing Grace (guess who wrote that one??), Blood Will Tell by Samantha Young, a couple more of M. Leighton's books, along with many others. That doesn't even include all the books that follow of those series and others that I've already started! Not to mention I anxiously await Madly book 3 by M. Leighton, Defiance (LOVE THIS SERIES), Consume, and Catalyst!

    I'm such a reading addict...


  48. Hi Shelly!

    I am a new blog follower: Momo (Books Over Boys).

    I am dying to buy...your books, seriously. Also...I don't even know. There are so many books. But I think I would go purchase a bunch of the ebooks that I don't have access to. Hmm...this is tougher than I thought. *gets distracted* OMG SHELLIE! You have my blog button on your sidebar?! You are the sweetest! <33333 :)

    Okay, back to the matter at hand, I would buy Exiled by Rashelle Workman, Ethereal by Addison Moore, (my brain is whipping out all these titles now because I opened up my wish-list on goodreads, LMAO!) Torn by Erica O'Rourke, Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule, and a bunch of Kailin Gow's books. <3

    Thanks oh so very much for the giveaway!

    booksoverboys at hotmail dot com

  49. I have such a huge list of books..Yours as well as others.I could be here all week writing the ones i want to read :P

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway!


  50. Yeah Shelly Crane, Merry Christmas...I am seriously dying to buy and read your book Defiance. I am so antsy about it that I have to read them (Significance and Accordance) again and again and I never get bored. Other books I am looking forward to... "Rapture" by Lauren Kate. Anything by Stephenie Meyers especially the sequel to "The Host" Again Merry Christmas. I will be spreading Christmas cheer at my work tomorrow 12/14/2011. Will be Christmas-ing everyone I see!!! :D

  51. Basically my top books are catalyst, defiance, the host, the 2nd book to after Eden, the ghost hunter books and so much more too many to name lol. One way I chose to spread Christmas cheer is this year is my boyfriends gift. He's very much into cars and racing cars and has always wanted to race a car, needless to say I saved up for a good while and he now gets the opportunity to race a $200,000 car at top speed all by himself. It has been so hard not to tell him especially since a lot of the stuff we do revolves around cars but I cant wait to see his facial expression!
    oh and my email is Rebekai22@Yahoo.com
    Merry Christmas and thanks for the good reads <3

  52. I LOVE your books!! Of course I cannot wait for Defiance! This Friday I am buying The Onyx Talisman and I love the Pulse Series by Kailin Gow. I plan on spreading Christmas cheer is by supporting indie authors by purchasing my books through Amazon :), donating items to those in need and by spending time with my loved ones! My email is angela.sam@gvc.edu.... Happy Holidays and keep writing those awesome books!!

  53. I cannot believe that I wasn't follwoing your blog before. Well, that has been remedied. There are lots of books that I look forward to buying but one of them is your Defiance book. I can't wait to finish the series. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card. Email address is melissa_mosloski at yahoo.com.

  54. Hi Shelly, My name is Kathy McCoy and I love all of your books. They grab you and keep you fascinated clear to the end! I have all of them on my kindle. I follow your blog and am on your facebook page. I am patiently waiting for Defiance! I love your Significance series. My e-mail is scott.kathymccoy@gmail.com. Happy Holidays to you and your family. :)

  55. Following! :)

    Hmm, there are so (SO) many books out there that I want to read that I can't name just one.

    Spread Christmas cheer.....I donated my Barbie collection to toys for tots, does that count?

  56. 1. following! :-)

    2. I've been wanting to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Nightshade.

    3. Spread Christmas Cheer....hmm...I spent this past weekend making christmas cookies with my son and my niece to hand out to people.

    Awesome giveaway by the way. I hope you have a wonderful christmas!

  57. Been a follower, already own all of your books, so maybe for Christmas... Dearly Departed? Or Shatter Me? There are so many good ones to choose from!!

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  58. I am a gfc follower :)
    I would like to read Significance.
    Merry Christmas :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  59. I can't wait to get my hands on Elana Johnson's Possession, Brooke Taylor's Undone, Shelly Crane's Defiance, Sarah Mlynowski's Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have), and so many more! I spend more money on books per week than I do on food haha. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!


  60. hi first of all love significance soo much dying for book 3 I would like finish up Addison Moore's celestial series. I enjoyed book 1 and need to get to the next book. tazzyboo202000@yahoo.com

  61. Well, you are the first blog I have followed, even though I have taken a class in blogging. HMMM?
    I would buy, Last Breath by Rachel Cane, Vex by Addison Moore, and truthfully explore more authors who I have never heard of that are offered on Amazon (that is how I found you).
    To spread Christmas cheer: honestly, I that I have taught my kids that it is the little things we do that makes the biggest difference. A coin in the salvation army bucket, writing their letters to Santa and putting them in the Macy's mailbox so that $1 will go to the Make A Wish foundation, I just want them to know that we may not be able to buy a whole family Christmas presents, but we can do little things that can make big things happen. And to never give up on the little things because that is how Christmas started, by a little thing.

  62. I am dying to buy vex by addison moore, the next book in the discovery for witches series, catalyst by you of course, and the trylle series by amanda hocking. I love you work and I thank you for giving my love of reading something to look forward to!

  63. I am a new follower and new Kindle owner! I have owned my Kindle for exactly a week today and I am in LOVE!!!!! A friend of mine loaned me your books and after I read her e-copies, I had to purchase my own copy so I can go back and read it over and over again!
    Defiance is on my list to buy next as well as the Hunger Games Series!
    Big Big Big Fan!!!!! BTW, the lendable process is SO easy and so ingenious! Thanks for making your books lendable! ;) It has me hooked!

  64. Catalyst and Defiance
    Expel by Addison Moore
    The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater and more!

    I follow you blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  65. Thaank you so much for the giveaway :D I want to buy so so many books that the list would go on foorever (or at least very long!) but I'm really looking forward to some new books that are coming out next year by some promising new authors. Here are some of them: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and Everneath by Brodi Ashton. And I can't wait to read Defiance, too!


  66. Okay I have alot but here are a few
    Pandemonium (Delirium)
    Lauren Oliver
    Bitterblue (Graceling)
    Kristin Cashore
    Jeri Smith-Ready
    Bloodrose: A Nightshade Novel
    Andrea Cremer
    The fourth book in the Rachel Higginson star crossed series
    Anything by you, the list can go on forever and ever!!!

  67. Thank you so much for the chance to win!
    GFC: Jeanne
    Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
    Delirium by Lauren Oliver
    The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
    and more...
    Merry Christmas!

  68. Thanks for this great giveaway , I would like to buy your Devour book, it looks really great. Of course I'd like to read all your books !!!
    Crystal Trent Dotson

  69. Hmm TOOO Many i have so many books i want to review and that i need to review, but i just got a kindle so i want to stock it up super lots, hahah


  70. Darn. Thought I commented!!, well I have to get Lothaire by Kresley Cole, the 3rd Dia Reeves book (untitled), Timeless by Gail Carriger, and after hearing my friend raving about your series try last all of your books!

    Currently spreading christmas cheer in the form of fresh baked cupcakes and tons of Seasons Greetings!

  71. You do so many giveaways! You rock and are an inspiration! I'd love to read Nightshade and Speak. I've heard so much good about both. jennifersnyder04@gmail.com Love the idea of paying it forward in a holiday way!

  72. Well I would preorder Defiance and the other 2 books in the series in hardcover because I would reread them over and over and could share with my family. It is truly one of the best series ever!!
    delivery.RN at gmail dot com

  73. I am anxious for Defiance!!! Also, Catalyst but happy the end is near on that one. I also want Warriors of the Cross by T. R. Graves. Carrie Jones new Need one. And about a 100 indy books :)

  74. New Follower gfc donna,
    I would love to read Pandemonium

  75. Ive read all your books so that are available so I can't say I want them lol but I'm dying to read the Hunger Games series! There are so many other books on my list but that series is near the top of the list. as far as christmas cheer goes i just finished decorating my house and i took my son to donate to toys for tots this year. we are starting an annual tradition that he gets to pick a toy for a child his age and donate it :)

  76. Wonderful giveaway! :) I've been dying to get my hands on a copy of yours, and I really want to read Eve, Daughters of Smoke and Bone, Shatter Me, and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer... I got my mom a whole lot of dying-to-reads for Christmas, so I'm definitely going to be borrowing them once she's done! lol :) <3

  77. I am dying to read Defiance. It sounds dumb cuz this is your blog, but it has become my 2 favorite book series. It's going to feel like I'm waiting forever! I hate it! But to get me through I would use it to read Anathema, or divergent. But I do want to read Wake by Amanda Hocking because I LOVEd her switched series!  Kari454@yahoo.com

  78. I also am dying to read Defiance:) I'm looking forward to Inheritance by Christopher Paolini too and I think I'll break open Pride & Predjudice for the first time this winter:) Merry Christmas everyone! vwbugga@yahoo.com

  79. I'm looking forward reading new John Green's book, The Fault In Our Stars.

    gfc follower : izlight
    mizzykhayla AT gmail Dot com
    Thanks so much!

  80. Thanks so much for the chance to win AWEsome prize!! whooot!

    I am Loving your book so yeah I want the next one I'm sure!! Also, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Destined, Descended by Blood an wow just alot of others LOL

    supagurlheather @ gmail . com

  81. Just a few books that I would love to dive into are; delirium, mortal instruments #4, rules of virgins, and of course both of your books soon to come out! I can't wait for catalyst and accordance!!


  82. Hi,
    I just signed up to become a follower. I have loved your books for a while and never new or thought of joining your blog. I do look at your Facebook page though to keep up on all the information and when you will be releasing your books. On my phone I've written down all the release dates for when your new books come out and other series that I love too. Very excited to see what kind of twists come into the new books and see what happens with the characters. Just love your books!!! I have a long list of books I want in the coming New Year!!! Having this amazon gift card would mean so much to me and I could get all these books I've wanted over these past few months. My favorite series that you have written is the Significance Series, Collide series, and Stealing Grace. There's others I would want to buy as well. In collide I finished that book in one night and got the second one the next day. Was an incredible book and there characters seemed so real :)) There's other books and series I love from other authors like. The discovery of witches, Anna and the French Kiss, Fallen Series, Halo Series, Hush Hush series, matched series, dark divine series, and the forever series. There's many other but I don't want to sit here all night telling you all of them :) Can't wait for Catalyst and Defiance. Me and my friend are spreading Christmas cheer. We are going to make cards with the old folks, have coco and look at lights. Merry Christmas and have a great New Years with your family!!!!

    Maddie P.
    Email: 1mac@surewest.net

  83. Can't wait until all your books come out of course, but I'm also waiting on Quinn Loftis, Addison Moore, Heather Killough-Walden, Amanda Hocking, Kristie Cook, M. Leighton, Tammy Blackwell (and too many more). I read too many books. All this waiting when I'm not a patient person is not good for my mental state. Oh, but my mental state is so happy when I finally do get the books I long for. Keep up the EXCELLENT writing. LOVE your work!
    Angela eag4602@hotmail.com

  84. Winners have been notified!! Thank you all so much!! :) Merry Christmas!