Sunday, March 3, 2019

March is MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS awareness month. 
Also known as MS Sucks, But Life Doesn’t Have To Month.
What about MS Gets On My Nerves Month. 
Or Keep Calm, It's Only Brain Disease Month.
Whatever you want to call it, I let you guys know recently that I was diagnosed a few years ago with MS and how it has affected me. 
2015 and 2016 were my worst years, by far. And a few people in my life at the time did the MS Walk in my name those years. (Because Stephanie and Tessa are AMAZING people). I got one of my readers, Kendra’s Creations, to make a logo for our team shirt. We won Best Team shirt BOTH years at the HUGE Jacksonville city MS walk. This is one of the logos she made that we came up with and you are more than welcome to share. 
But what IS MS? Before I was diagnosed, I certainly didn't know. 
MS is defined as a chronic, auto-immune, usually progressive disease involving damage to the sheaths (myelin) of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, whose symptoms may include numbness, impairment of speech and muscular coordination, vision problems, severe fatigue, pins and needles, pain, and more. Almost all cases progress to a place, in some form, of a loss of bodily function. Though there is no cure for MS, there are medications to slow the progression of the disease. 
I know, that still tells you nothing, really, of what MS is. But it IS awareness month and you can look it up and find some people telling their stories of MS and other brain disorders all over the web right now. I encourage you to do so. It can be truly inspiring, and perspective-inducing, to see someone work twice as hard for the simple things that others do without even thinking about it.
You guys just have to look past that uggo awareness orange and share please. :) For MSers and brain injury havers everywhere, we thank you.

Best wishes and happy endings,

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