Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated, A Significance Novel

Teaser Tuesday

       She put both of her hands in my hair and tugged slowly and firmly, making my hands tighten on her sides. We both groaned into each other’s mouths, which made my blood riot under my skin. I pulled back so hard, my head hit the wall behind me.
      “Ember, your family’s right around the corner,” I scolded, but didn’t let go.
     “They get it. They understand,” she rebutted in a hoarse whisper and then moved to kiss me again.
      I maneuvered just enough so she couldn’t make contact. And if you’ve ever been chased by a female who wants something, you know what a feat this is. It’s practically like they can read your brain, they know all the ways to torture you in the sweetest most kill-shot ways."

      “Your dad understands that I want to stick my tongue in your mouth all day long?”

No release date yet.
(I know... I really suck...)


  1. Love the teasers. Can't wait for the book!

  2. Ahhhhhhh! I just found Undeniably Chosen! I didn't know the series was still going until I started rereading and Amazon told me. I'm gonna need you to hurry up with this please!!!!

  3. cant wait i literally come on and check every week if theres a release date

  4. You and me both �� Been reading her books for years I even re read the entire significance series in a few days to refresh everything ��

  5. Read Undeniably Chosen again! Please give us a date soon for Undeniably Fated :)