Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Teaser Tuesday : The Other Side Of Gravity

“So,” I began, but my voice was low and scratchy. I made sure I fixed it, speaking more clearly on the next word. “You’re in here, on the floor, instead of the comfy bed that’s in the other room?”
His eyes, they took in everything, and right then they seemed to be taking in my very soul as they peered deep into my gray eyes that I’d always wondered if I got from my father…because I couldn’t remember if his eyes were gray. And my blue-eyed mother was no longer around to ask.
“You just have to look at the situation and say to yourself Is the sacrifice worth the risk and the reward?” His eyes never left mine through his confession, if it even was that, though that’s exactly what it sounded like—he was confessing.
“And is it?” I whispered.
He swallowed, the gulp of his throat so…erotic, I could barely sit still. “Hell yes.” My eyes widened, but no alarms went off. He grinned. “There are no techs in here, remember? No monitors, no sensors.” His grin went wide. “Go ahead, give it a go. A free shot. I know you’ve always wanted to curse and never been able to. It’s freeing, really.”
“You bastard, go to hell. You piece of disgusting idiot trash that thinks he owns the universe, scumwad, you’re nothing, you shady ass, you sexist pisshead, you belittling bunghole, you jerky jerkface, you…menace to society!”
He probably thought I wasn’t going to do it, or going to half-heartedly decline, but no. I’d wanted to curse Rivers out every day of half my life and was never able to. He may not be able to hear me, but those words were his.
But he surprised me by smiling in that knowing way. “I only wish your proprietor was here to hear you say that to him. His face alone I would pay silver to see.”

Coming MARCH 15, 2016!
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  1. I am beyond excited to read this book! Thanks for giving me a release date so I can begin my countdown. I cant wait for the pre-order link!