Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is one that will give you something to think about ;) Make you wonder about who some people are and give you some clues to some new things going on in the book. 

    So we once again found ourselves lying on the roof. I thought the twins would beg me to read to them again, but they conked out faster than expected. All the excitement of the day was too much for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I wondered briefly if they’d ever been chased by the militia before.
    But then I felt a warm palm touch my ankle. I looked down at Maxton’s head near my feet. We seemed to have adopted this style, this routine, this…barrier. It worked for us.
   “Soph,” he whispered, only the moonlight to show me the look on his face. He looked thoughtful.      He looked upset. I sat up and he did the same, so our bent knees were almost overlapping each other we were so close. “What I did today, I wasn’t trying to—”
    No. He was misinterpreting today all wrong. 
    I grabbed his collar with both hands and yanked him to me.


  1. WOOOHOOOOO!!! Every Tuesday I get more and more excited to read this book!
    Thank you for the tidbits and hints. ;o)