Saturday, February 14, 2015

Release date is almost upon us!!

Okay, drum roll..... The release date for UNDENIABLY CHOSEN, a Significance book is...............Dec 31st, 2021!!!!!

Just kidding. Though I totally could, you know. March 31, 2015.
6 weeks. I'm not done, but I'm SO close. The book will be topping out at around 130K. So it's a whopper of a beastly book. You'll definitely be getting bang for your buck. I'll have the pre-order links sometime this coming week. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going back to my flu bed where I'll be spending mine.

Mark your calendars. 6 weeks. Seth and Ava will be in your hands!
#Finally #ImSoExcited #GetMyButtInGear #NoTimeForTheFlu


  1. I can't wait to finally read this, I'm so excited!!

    1. I'm leaping and bounding around my room with joy!!!!!!!! Thanks Shelly:-)

  2. Finally! Thank you so much shelly! I've been checking your blog everyday since consequence for this bit of tidbit!!!!

  3. AHHHHH ! I'm so happy ! Hope you feel better :)

  4. Awesome! March 31st is my birthday! Happy birthday to ME!

  5. I'm screaming. No seriously, can you hear me screaming? One question though (sorry lol) how many books are expected in this series?? (I'm not too good with waiting patiently between books *this is the part where I awkwardly leave the comment, hoping nobody thinks I'm an impatient... Something... But in all honesty I am quite impatient xD * thank you :)

  6. Will there be a pre-order now?
    How much do you think the book will be?

  7. HI its me again I just don't know if my comments are going through cause I can't find them so i'm just seeing if i'll be able to see this post :)