Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Teaser : Undeniably Chosen

His smile was a little condescending, but I didn’t hold it against him. “One day you’ll get up to speed with me. I can hope, right?”
Even that playful, adorable grin that was making my insides shake with all sorts of emotions I didn’t want to acknowledge couldn’t erase the events that happened last night. The weird texts he kept getting. His family showing up and acting as if there had been some plan. Him leaving with them and just coming to see me today as if nothing had transpired. I knew he was torn, but I needed answers, and as much as it pained me, I needed space because my significant’s skin was the most distracting thing I’d ever encountered.
I knew he had heard everything in my head because his blue eyes dulled painfully. It took a lot not to reach out and brush my knuckles against his chin, for my own benefit as much as his, but I couldn’t. Right now, he was just a stranger who held my heart, and who also happened to be my enemy.
He jerked as if I’d slapped him. I wondered if Romeo and Juliet had been brought to life if this is what they would have felt. Betrayed, torn, confused, alone even when the person you’re supposed to be with is right in front of you.
“Don’t say that,” he groaned, his hands on my elbows tightening. It was then that I was smacked with the realization that I was still on his lap. I could feel the hot pink racing up the column of my neck. “You’re never alone. I promise you, if nothing else, you’ll never be alone, Ava.”

For the release date, TV show news, and another sneak, I released a video to update!

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane

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