Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fan Art of the Month

I get mail and email with pictures and things people have made for me and the characters. Well I'm going to start doing a 
where I pick one of these. I already showcase the ones you guys send me on my site here, but I'll pick one on the 1st of every month and that person will get a signed book from whatever series of mine they've done the art for. 
It can be digital art, pencil drawing, a necklace. I mean anything. The last winner of the contest I did was the tattoo Kendra did for the temp tattoo I use for Caleb and Maggie. She did amazing and I want to keep this going. You guys are the BEST. I have an entire wall dedicated to the letters and drawings you guys have sent to me in my office. I heart you so big. So, we'll start with April the 1st, and no, it's not a joke ;) 
Submit any art to my email or my address for physical art is on the site here from now 'til before the 1st. I'm so excited!! 
Go HERE to get all the details and see the showcase.

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane

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