Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Win one of three signed ARCs of Smash Into You

So, SMASH INTO YOU is almost here!

Release date is August 13th. 
I'm going to buy the first three paperback copies and then number them to give to three winners!
You'll be the very first people to get the book and you'll get some swag to go along with it. 

I've given you a plethra of ways to get extra entries in!
US ONLY (SORRY) Explained below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Sorry, this giveaway has to be US only because not only are there tons of giveaway\lottery laws that restrict giveaways to certain countries, but every time I send something over there, it gets lost, almost every time, and they don't let us purchase tracking and insurance on them. So sorry.)


  1. The first thing I look for when I pick up a book is the cover. It has to grab my attention and make me want to read it! I am so excited for this giveaway! Thanks Shelly!!!!


  2. Carra Saigh moonangel23@gmail.com
    The book synopsis (back of the jacket, blurb, etc) is most important to me-if it doesn't grab my attention and pique my interest, I'm not going to bother buying/downloading it. The picture on the front helps too, but it's mostly the synopsis.

  3. I usually go by what "feel" i get from a book from the cover, what I've heard and the blurb :)

    Don't want to leave my e-mail publically sorry - but my names Danielle :)

  4. My email address is CRISSYMACKEY@YAHOO.COM When looking for books the cover has to grab my attention but the that makes me decide whether or not I want to read it is the synopsis. It has to leave me wanting to know (read) more, needing to read more.

  5. Madeline Chase crazymad98@gmil.com
    One thing that I look for in a book is the uniqueness in the idea. I get really tired of the vampire, werewolf, angel genre all the time. I love things that are different. They don't always have to be supernatural (though I love those), but just a unique idea that hasn't been used before. That's why I absolutely love Significance and Collide so much. They are their own, unique concept. :)

  6. Dawn Povijua ddb_doll@yahoo.com I read the back and go with my gut it is most of the time right

  7. Jennyfer Jennyfer.ames@yahoo.com

    I look at covers and if it catches my eye I read what it's about.

  8. I tend to like certain writing styles. The cover is important, but most importantly, I need to be able to connect with the characters. The dialogue has to be believable, as well as the plot. I'm not very picky, lol!


  9. Carmen, carmencuba86@gmail.com
    How I choose my books really depends, if it's an author whose books I've read and enjoyed (like yours :D) I usually will get their next book regardless of synopsis, cover or reviews because I count on the author to keep up the great work. If the book is by somebody new, I will read the synopsis and then open the reviews on amazon and do a word search for "cheating" and "love triangle" (I can't stand books with those things in them) if I liked the synopsis and those words aren't in the reviews then I'm good to go.
    Thanks for the giveaway I've been not so patiently waiting for the release because I absolutely love all of your work

  10. Nichole McGuire nikkimedical@yahoo.com. The cover usually has to grab my attention and the plot of the story has to be intriguing.

  11. Jerica Enrique


    When I look for a book, I usually read the book synopsis. When reading the blurb I get to know a little about the characters and what the story is about.

  12. Yvette Cervera yvettec8815@yahoo.com
    The cover is always the first thing I notice. I read the blurb and if I'm interested, I usually preview the book, reading the first few pages. I buy a lot of books so I want to make sure I like the book before I pay for it.

  13. Kirsty Osborne kirstyosborne92@yahoo.com
    I think the most important thing is the character traits, and the blurb about the story. I want an interesting story with likeable characters.

  14. Jody Duffy Iteachfl@aol.com

    Well, If I haven't heard of the book from bloggers or authors and I am not familiar with the author, it has to be a romance and the summary has to grab me with chemistry....Sometimes I will read a blurb and pass on the book but if it's really good I will go back and get it and read it. I have to admit I like a pretty cover too. ;)

  15. Hey, this is Stacia McPherson.

    it is hard to say exactly what draws me to a book at first. I would have to say the cover. it has to grab my attention, I absolutely love book covers! However, if the book is by an author that I already love then I don't care about the cover as I will read it regardless!

  16. Beth Wysocki

    The perfect mix of romance and action. The most important aspect to a book is romance. I cannot stress that enough! I mean I am all for the action, but there needs a romance to it. Otherwise I'm just skipping through. Also the blurb has to be very captivating. It needs to be exciting and have love with it.

  17. Well-developed characters and writing style are at the top of my list. I like characters who have depth: an interesting back-story, reasons for why the character's act the way they do. I like to know their motivations and learn their history for believability. Secondly, I find it difficult to get into a book where I just don't feel the writing style either because it's too robotic, or lacks the skill to grab readers and intrigue them. These two aspects make me turn the pages.

    Seirra - seirrapoirier@gmail.com

  18. Cara Vogel caraspets@aol.com

    When I pick up a book (or click on it) normally what first draws me in is the cover design and the title. If I decide to give it a try, after reading the blurb, the writing style and characters are key. They have to be able to keep my interest. (:

  19. Something unique about the story and/or characters draws me in initially. Then character development is really important to me. Plus good dialogue between the characters. I'm not a fan of info-dumping or excessive internal dialogue.

    Jenny Vasquez - tea4my3@gmail.com

  20. Bonnie Schuster/ bonnieschuster@aol.com I love all kinds of books except for Harlequin love stories. I go to categories that I'm in the mood for. It could be Westerns, Young Adults, Paranormal, what ever, and look for what sounds good. I also look for length of book, the more pages the better.

  21. The cover has a lot to do with it most of the time, but I have read books without one. So the main thing is the description. If I don't like it then I wont read it.

    thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    Tiffany Webb

  22. When its an author I love( like you Shelly) then I will usually read the book no matter what otherwise I go by the blurb...if it intrigues me I read it :)
    Erin. elamascus@gmail.com

  23. The most important thing for me is usually writing style. If I can't follow a book by about page five, then I'm done with that book and unfortunately most of the time I'm done with that author as well. I absolutely adore reading, but it has to be interesting, set up in a time line that I can follow, and thoroughly edited. I have seen many books that have been put in print with multiple misspellings as well as incorrect grammar.

    I love your books ;) Thanks Shelley for being one of the good ones!

  24. Lauren - ClassicsScholar@gmail.com

    I look for the ability to connect with the characters. They need to be real and they need to real relationships regardless of genre.

    Enjoy your books!

  25. I have to connect with the characters. If I don't feel a connection or they feel fake or created (which I know they are) then I don't get into the storyline and I don't feel their emotions. Reguardless of the storyline I won't like it if I can't feel it/connect to it through the characters.

  26. First I am ashamed to admit it but the cover has to be eye catching. Sad but true! But I always give a book at least 1 chapter to suck me in if it doesn't then I usually wont finish it. I rely a lot on the reveiws and the little blurbs. I usually will read the first 3-5 5 star reveiws and then the last 2-3 1 stars to see what others are saying about them. Also through facebook I will absolutely give a book a chance that is recommend by an author that I really like. Like you Shelly! :)
    Kassie (kassandrah1983@Yahoo.com)

  27. Megan - csimegs07@cox.net

    The cover is a big one but I will go on to read the synopsis which is really a big one for me. If it doesn't really give me an idea of what the book is about then I probably won't waste my time. I like lots of different genre's but I need some romance.

  28. Donna Reynolds mrscrabbyfan@gmail.com
    I have to say I'm a cover shopper and I have gotten lucky so far but I know I miss a lot of good books I have over looked a book for months because I was not drawn in by the cover then ran out of stuff to read and go get the book that I kept passing and loved it Thanks for the giveaway <3

  29. Grace- gdodge.2019@gmail.com

    Definitely the characters, even though it has been said many other times. I don't want them to be the "cheesy" characters where the main female character is a damsel in distress and the main male character is super sweet right off the bat, or a sexiest jerk that only cares about his image (I've read both). I want to be able to relate (like many others do), to love them, care for them, be empathetic towards them. I want do be able to feel the urge to jump into the book and stand by their side no matter ho weird that sounds.

  30. Tiffany Pena Tiffany.pena24@me.com

    The most important aspect of a book is its ability to grab hold of your thoughts and/or feelings :)

  31. The most important aspect that I look for when I pick up a book is character development. I really like characters that are relatable and flawed in some way that contributes to the story line and drives the story to its climax. I prefer plots that are character driven rather than propelled by some external device or environment.

  32. Countrygirl17673July 23, 2013 at 7:48 PM

    My name is Mariah and my email is Countrygirl17673@gmail.com. The most important aspect to me is probably a catchy title and book cover then the next thing would be a good first sentence. Something that really catches my attention and makes me want to read the book even more!

  33. Dominique - Mrslee160@gmai.com. As a reader, it is most important to suspend judgement and allow your imagination to take you where the author wants you to follow.

  34. Angelia, baloo3cubs@msn.com love a great cover, and synopsis that pulls you in and makes you want to just start reading and not look back :)

  35. Natalie natalie.n.morris@gmail.com. I don't like cheesy book covers and you can somewhat judge a book by a cover. The cover entices you to look at the synopsis. I like something that pulls you in with great characters in an interesting situation.

  36. mackenziemahon@gmail.com
    I look both for the plot line and what that plot line has to say about the author's values- I love a good romance, but I would much rather read a clean one than a mature one. I also look for characters that have morals and values I can stand behind.

  37. Katrina

    First and foremost the cover has to catch my eye. I try not to judge a book by its cover but it can be hard. once in the book I look for characters I feel I can relate too or could be friends with :)

  38. Holly

    The cover is the first thing that catches my eye! And then I read the synopsis. I just really go with a gut feeling on whether or not I pick up a book. If it sounds like something I'd enjoy, or something that might challenge me, I pick the book up. :)

  39. Katherina V.
    I do judge a book by their cover, I just can't help it! So that has to catch my eye. I believe the first few pages/chapters have to be really interesting to capture my attention. The characters should be complex and relatable. I'm also kind of a font nerd so I guess those are things I think about when picking up a book! :)

  40. Lauren Clancy

    The cover, synopsis, and title :)

  41. Savannah StewartJuly 24, 2013 at 5:29 AM

    Savannah Stewart

    I base reading a book on the synopsis on the back. If it catches me I will read it but sometimes I go by the cover photo as well ;-)

  42. Sheng Vang

    First thing I try to figure out is if it is a Romance genre book. Then I judge it by the cover. After reading the synopsis I figure out the plot and what kind of mythical creatures/characters are in the book. Then I open the book and see the font styles and if it's written in poetry form. I also look for themes from the book that has a certain meaning to me. (ex. The coincidence of Callie and Kayden - My theme for this book: No matter who or what made you broken, your always going to find the one that would pick up the pieces and fix you)

  43. The Synopsis is very important to me and also the Cover.
    Gisela Salinas
    famforever4@gmail. com

  44. I look for love interest and a happy ever after. There also has to be a good storyline around this, with plenty of action(not sex)

  45. The first thing that catches my interest when looking at a new book to read is the cover. If it grabs my attention then I read the blurb. IF I am still interested I will purchase the book. When I am reading I like good character development. And the Dialog must be seamless and engaging. I hate dialog that is stilted or strained. I also appreciate good pacing in a book.

  46. The cover first gets me to pick up the book after that the main character(s) narration is what keeps me reading.

  47. Name: Morgan Kleiss
    Email: morgan.kleiss@yahoo.com

    The first thing that catches my attention, is the cover. If a book has a really good cover, I will read the book without even reading the synopsis. It needs to be appealing to the eye, and well put together. After the cover, character development is really important to me. I want to be able to relate to them, and to feel their emotions. I don't always need a happy ending, I just need a realistic ending.

  48. NAME: Patricia López
    EMAIL: theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub@hotmail.com
    BLOG: www.theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub.blogspot.com

    We think that the cover is an important factor to choose a book. You want to know what that pretty cover is about and then you read the description of the book. If you like it, you buy it.
    Then the other thing is if you already know about the book. You know about the story so you want to know more and buy the book.
    But I think that mostly, what catches our attention first, is the cover.

  49. The first thing that I notice about a book is the cover. If that looks interesting enough, I will read the synopsis. If that sounds good enough, I will buy the book. A good love story tends to make my heart melt. I love them. All the parts of it; the turmoil, the happy parts, everything. I tend to get so lost in a book that is good that I tune everyone and everything out.

    JoAnna Brown

  50. Brittany Valentino

    I think that the cover is the most important factor in choosing a book initially because it is the first thing you see. When choosing a book without knowing the author or book summary, an intriguing cover reels the reader in gets them interested. After that I look for a book summary that sounds interesting and definitely has some romance. :)

  51. Honestly the first thing I look at is the cover, I'm a cover snob. There I said it... The next item I look for is the blurb or cover info, if that didn't grab me then chances are I'm not gonna read it until I start seeing rave reviews....

  52. I know it's bad to "Judge a book by it's cover" but that really is what I look for first when I pick up a book. If the cover isn't great, I probably won't bother looking at the synopsis. Which brings me to the second thing I look for...The synopsis. it has to completely reel me in and catch my attention. If not, it'll just go into the to-read list and I won't get to it for a while.


    1. Here's the link to my Facebook profile. I didn't change my twitter yet, but I'm getting to it! https://www.facebook.com/erica.chun.79

  53. Taneesha Freidus tfreidus@hotmail.com
    When I pick up a book I usually look at the cover then I read the blurb and then I skim through the book to see if it is something I would like to read. Although I would say I have read almost all your books and never read a blurb or cared about the cover because you are a kick a$$ author!

  54. Kim Perry

    For me, it's the synopsis on the back cover. If you can grab my attention and make me curious about what happens with the characters and story line, I will buy the book.

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  56. Alyssa Champagne alyssa.champagne@gmail.com

    The cover is definitely the first thing that I look at when I pick up a book from an author that I haven't read before. If it's from an author that I like I usually buy the book without looking at the cover and reading the blurb : )

  57. AngieASalazar anzal6@aol.com

    The cover is what always catches my eye, then I read then blurb. Then i read the reviews. Sometimes bad reviews are the reason I buy books. I usually like what other people dont.

  58. Kyla Patton kamclauc AT gmail DOT com
    Characters that I can become attached to. I don't have to be able to relate, but I have to grow to know them and/or love them. :)

  59. I pick up books based on cover first(yes I judge) then by reccomendation, then by theme. I like something not so complex and a sweet story that takes me away from my own troubles. SO I like HEA's. delivery.RN at gmail dot com

  60. The first thing that catches my eye is the cover (I know :P). Then I look at the synopsis and the ratings.
    Diana Doan, aznangel_dd@hotmail.com

  61. The Cover Is The 1St Thing, Just Because Its Right Up Front. But The Blurb is Probably More Important Because It Sets The Tone of The book. Martha Schlegel Meschlegel3(@)GmailFot)com

  62. Well the cover is what usually catches my eye if it is a new book/author to me. I prefer adult books with good banter, and well developed characters. I like different genres but like a romance aspect to it and I also read other reader reviews to help with my decision.
    Karen Gagnon - kgagnon(at)donofrio.cc

  63. The first thing i notice is the spine of the book and the title. if the title is unique or interesting I'll read the blurb.

  64. I think the first thing is the color and picture of the cover then it would be the description in the back and finally I open the book to any page and read a couple of lines so I could get a feel of the authors writing style
    Priscilla Gonzalez priscillag90@hotmail.com

  65. Tamara Beard

    The most important thing for me is obviously the content (plot, characters, etc) but when I'm buying a book I don't see that, so the synopsis and cover is how I decide to buy a book or not <3

  66. Mikaella Vieira

    The first thing I look to in a book is a professional cover. It has to be well made and not seems fake and cartoonish. The second thing I look for is the synopsis. No matter what the cover looks like if I don't like the synopsis then I won't pick up the book.

  67. I always look at the cover. And the genre of it. I don't really look at the synopsis, except the first sentence or two. I that pulls me in, I will read it. If the cover looks interesting, I will read it. If it is part of one of my favorite genres, I will read it.

    Amanda Edmunds

  68. I know people say 'Never judge a book by its cover' but the cover is what draws in and attracts you to even think about reading that book. The cover is definitely one of the the most important thing about a book.The Authors writing style is also very important because it determines whether a book is even worth finishing or not.

    Danielle James

  69. The cover & excerpt has to Draw me in so much so that I Buy the book the day it releases! I also Love when the characters' have unique names & / or alternating POVS'.

    Marcia Woodell

  70. Kelly Hager

    I normally tend to also judge the book by the cover. Also, if it is a series or book that I have already heard of, or have had recommended to me by friends or family.

  71. The first aspect that I look for when choosing a book is the Cover and Synopsis (Back Blurb) because to me they need to catch my attention and want to make me read the book. Once I start reading the book the most important is the characters relatablility....I need to connect with the characters

    Jennifer Harried

  72. The cover definitely is what initially catches my eye to a book. If the cover and title intrigue me, then I'll read the blurb on the back to see what it about.

    Amy Grendell

  73. My name is Bobbye (bobbyehopebooth@yahoo.com) The most important aspect of a book is the storyline, I have to be able to get into a book from the beginning. I can't stand a slow or confusing start to a book . Thanks for the giveaway :)

  74. Lacey rose7mhs@aol.com

    I look for a great cover that is simple yet interesting

  75. Carolyn
    cover of book

  76. jodi marinich
    the blurp on the story

  77. The most important thing about a book to me is the character. I have to really like them and feel something for them.

  78. Stephanie

    The most important aspect when choosing a book is the cover and synopsis. If they don't appeal to me, I won't take the extra step of sampling or buying the book.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  79. Mike - rabidcoconut at gmail dot com

    A lot of factors can come into play, but the synopsis is usually the biggest one. If the author is someone I've enjoyed books from in the past can be a pretty big one too. And reviews play a part as well especially if the synopsis just sounds "so so" they can sway me one way or the other.

  80. Catherine Wilson

    The synopsis is the thing I look to first in a book. If that doesn't sound good, then I usually pass.

  81. I try and read the synopsis of books I read but most of them are recommendations from friends and book blogs!

    Christley Rae

  82. I really want this book!

  83. I just recently discovered your books and am in the Significance series right now. I love them and cannot put my ereader down! I look forward to reading all of your books! Thank you so much.

  84. the synopis of the book is majorily an important part, it has to pull me in and make me want to read.

    Christina Galbraith Popma

  85. Cassy Campbell and cassidyn95@yahoo.com

    The book has to have a good summary/ paragraph on the back ( dont know the name for it)
    Also, the cover and writing style. Im not a big fan of more than 2 or 3 POVs but if the book sounds good enough ill read it with more POVs than that.

  86. Caroline Andrus - Caroline [@] melange-books.com

    The first thing that attracts me to a book is the cover.

    Next, the summary of the book has to hook me. It has to be a story that sounds interesting.

    While reading the book, I need characters that I can like/relate to/sympathize with.

    What will pull me OUT of a book, is poor formatting, poor editing, misused names, etc. However, a REALLY good book I can look past all that.

  87. Reem Hardan. my email: rock.3yone@hotmail.com
    I think the most important thing for me is the surprise element. By that I mean I don't like typical plot, typical characters. It's really important for me that the book not be a typical one. I don't like any cliche stuff like love at first sight, or like they fell for each other despite the fact that they don't know each other.
    As for the characters I really really like strong heroine , not weak, and don't fall easily for the guy from the first line.
    I think the name and the cover also plays a major role in choosing a book. The cover must be really cool, and the name too in order for me to actually pick the book and read it cause my To-read list is really long so I need a book that scream "come pick me up luv".
    hmm other than that yeah the writing style. I read many books who had a great potential but unfortunately the writing style ruined it. I really love authors who really know what they do. Who write each sentence for a reason. Who have the ability to create a new world and for us readers to see it, feel it, and be in it.
    I guess that's it, hope I helped.

  88. Hey it's MJ Fryer - georgemj@aol.com

    I usually pick up a book because of two things: I know and love the author from reading other works they have published or I have gotten a great recommendation. I try not to judge a book by it's cover since I've been burned both by very sexy covers (book not too good) or the cover wasn't anything special and the book blew me away!
    Thanks :)

  89. Julie kitzmillerx5@yahoo.com

    When picking up a book....I want to read a book without being able to predict everything that occurs throughout the pages. I want to 'feel' the characters. The more I am drawn in...the better.

  90. Amy Cagle amy@bookscompletemeunlimited.com

    The first thing I notice is the cover. I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but I do. If the cover is blah I feel like the book may be too.

    I also want to not know what is happening in the book, so if the blurb gives the whole story away I will not read it.

    Lastly, I want to be engaged. I want to escape in the world and not resurface until the book is over!!

  91. While the cover is important as it draws my eyes to the book, I actually find the writing type more interesting. I'll go to a random page and read a paragraph. Not only would the writing be good, but if the paragraph interested me, then I know I'll like the book.


  92. It used be covers that drew me in initially. Now I'm looking for something with an added level of mystery/surprise. I don't want the characters to suffer a lot, but not and insta-love thing either. I generally stick to authors I have read and once I like you I read everything you write. Sort of like you Ms. Crane.

  93. I like to read books that make me feel the characters and their emotions... sad, happy, hurt, fear, love.... it's like I'm inside the pages myself. I like for a book to pull me in right away with the storyline. I'm more drawn to romance books but I read all kinds. I LUUUUUURVE all your books so I know this one is gonna be awesome too!


  94. Amy Pollard Woolard
    I like for a book to be interesting from the start! I have to feel something for the characters.

  95. Claire Weinrich

    I look at the cover because that's what i first see and that's how i pick out a book. I also go on if i "feel" its going to be good or not.
    And Thank you for all the giveaways and books you write!

  96. Melissa Shepherd A55shep@gmail.com

    When im looking at books to read its a mixture it sometimes starts with the cover but sometimes just the Title alone. The Blurb is a big part as well, and sometimes just the matrix of the story is what sells me =)
    And sometimes it just depends on my mood...
    I love branching out to new authors and writting styles but i always can count on my favorite authors to keep me captivated no matter what the story line is =)

  97. I'm sure it will turn out to be an amazing book just like all the others one's that you have published. Keep on writing!

  98. Melissa -ivanandmelissa@cox.net
    A book's description has to grab me. It just depends on what I feel like reading at the time.

  99. Katie- lord_farquad123@hotmail.com

    For me the most important aspect are the characters of the story and the I guess depth to their character. I look at things like their personalities, and if I am able to make a connection with them.

  100. Mena Abuali
    the first thing i notice in a book is the cover and the blurb on the back. for me thats is very important sometimes the imagery on the cover tells alot about the book without even reading the blurb. i also like to see how people hook you with the summary. I try to get a feeling of the book just by reading the blurb.

  101. Rain Tyndale
    I think the most important thing to look at is the lead character and the humor. I can look over a lot of fault in a book if it keeps me laughing and the character is interesting and bearable :).

  102. Yourden Mundy
    The most important aspect when picking up a book is not only the cover and the summery but the genre too because it all depends on what type of book it is and what you enjoy reading on a daily basis.*thumbs up*

  103. The most important thing for me is a unique plot and some really interesting characters. Can't wait to read Shelly! Jessica Watterson jwatterson90@gmail.com

  104. Starla Young
    I think that a lot of the time what gets me is the description of the book if it is a new author. Otherwise if it is a favorite author I just get excited to read more of their work.

  105. Hi Shelly!
    My name's Sabrena and I love all your books! You are my favorite author ever by far! My email is benarules@yahoo.com.
    When I'm looking for a new book to read I get drawn in by the title. If it's got an interesting title, I'll read the back/summary of the book to see what it's about. However, I feel the most important things that make a story come to life in my head would be a hot, sensitive guy (however unrealistic that is lol), and sense of flow in the writing style, and a dash of romance to keep you on your toes and biting your nails (: so basically, keep writing because you're doing everything right! Haha

  106. Hi Shelly!
    My name is Holly (at hollysreadinghollow@yahoo.com) and I'm just barely scratching the surface when it comes to your books! If you see this, you may recognize me because I messaged you on Goodreads (thank you for replying!) and I'm really excited to check out your other work!
    For books, the title and cover draw me in first. I love clean romances so something cute or pretty makes me pick up the book. As for what I look for in the story itself though, I love something that will tug hard on the heart whether it's will love, sadness, fear, empathy, or a mixture of it all. I love it most when the main characters are able to overcome a huge obstacle and I can FEEL the changes flow through the character and the writing. And I like realistic romances. :) Some of my favorite authors who have been able to convey these things are Fisher Amelie, Katie McGarry, and Katja Millay.

    Wide Awake is an example of one of those stories that really tugged at my heart. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win an ARC of Smash into You!

  107. Shari (delightedreader1971 (at) gmail (dot) com)

    When I pick up the book I usually want to know what's it about. I only tend to read paranormal or contemporary based stories, so if it is historical, it doesn't get me without a lot of good wording. Covers that intrigue me also make me want to jump into the story. Authors I love will get me going fast! But most of all, what is the driving force for the story? I just want to know what I am working for when I get invested in the characters.


  108. Le'Zea Hickman

    The first thing I look at when I pick up a book is the cover. The cover is a visual representation of the story, so if I don't think that the cover is eye-catching chances are that I wouldn't like the book! Then if I do like the cover i usually need to be interested in what the book is actually about.

  109. Lisa Karafa krkjr@att.net
    The first thing I look for in a book is an opening paragraph that grabs my attention. I need a bit of a hook from the start.

  110. I look for the whole package whenever I read a book. Cover, character, title, etc....I look for it all!! <3


  111. I am a firm believer in "Never judge a book by it's cover" because I have read some books that were awesome but the cover was meh and then some that weren't so good but the cover was OMG! I always go by the blurb and if it makes me have an itchy trigger finger than I go with it!

    Megan Stietz

  112. I read the synopsis, if it looks good, I take a look at the reviews, not just the stars, but I actually read through a few from each rating. But I have to be honest and say the title and cover are probably what made me check it out in the first place.
    Carole Martin (Ronneberg)
    cmlmmm (at) hotmail.com

  113. I love the look and sound of this one! And August 13th is just around the corner. YAY! Congratulations!!!

  114. Forgot to give you an answer. For me, character is most important. If I can't connect with the character then the writer will probably loose my interest. Thus, a book cover is my initial impression of both character as well as style of the book.

  115. Hi! First Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!
    christy coleman and my email is christy.coleman.14@gmail.com

    What first draws me into a book is the Cover, then I read the back to see if it would be something I would be able to read and stay interested. My friends tend to call me a Cover Whore though, so yea for me first impression on if I will even pick the book up is cover.

  116. Hello love all your books
    Mena Abuali and my email is menaamira@yahoo.com
    The first thing that draws me to a book is the cover and then i read the summary at the back. if it sounds interesting ill download the sample and start reading it.

  117. Mostly when I pick up a book, the cover and blurb have to be catchy

    1. oops. Stacey Blouin Stayblureads@gmail.com

  118. The writing style is most important for me. I nearly always try to finish a book once I start it - I hate leaving things unfinished. But sometimes the writing style isn't captivating enough to continue reading. It's disappointing because some of the characters and plot lines have so much potential but if the style is off, I can't finish the book.

    Alexandra Bennett

  119. bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

    The most important thing is plot/storyline.

  120. Cover draws me in. Blurb sells it. I buy it.

    Shaneen skaypa@hotmail.com

  121. The things that make me buy a book are the cover and the synopsis. If both of those intrigue me, I get it. Excerpts/samples always help, as well.
    To actually keep me reading, the writing style and characters must appeal to me and continue to interest me throughout.


  122. I look for vibrance, eye catching covers.. then look for enchanting characters do they draw me in within first few pages.. if so I'm hooked.

    Thanks for the chance giveaway. ;))

    Valerie R.
    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  123. I will be honest I do look at a cover first if I have not heard of the book before and am looking for something new to read, I look for a couple that look in love or look like they are having fun, but the most important thing for me is it has to have a happy ending, I am a social worker that works with children and I see enough sadness and pain in my job daily so I need something that I can read that will allow me to escape and know that all will work out in the end. Pretty much every book I read is a romance, I love to be loved.
    Anita Powers

  124. I love all your books . You are an amazing Author

  125. For me it's the title and cover. Those are the things that attract people most. Even if the cover isn't so great, if the title could really catch your eye, even if you just pass the book by, you'll keep thinking about the book and in the end you'd pick it up from the bookshelf. That's how it is with me when I buy a book. If the title is already really good, you'd also kind of expect the story to be good too and maybe even better. I don't read a specific genre like how my friend reads only the romance novels and the other just reads crime and thriller novels. I read all kinds of genres. If I see a fantasy or science fiction book and think it's interesting, I'd buy it and read it out of curiosity. Most of the time I'd get really hooked up with it.

  126. I think one of the most important aspects of a book is the cover. If the book has a good cover it grabs my attention faster than anything else about the book.
    Lindsey M

  127. I am a sucker for a cover that catches my eye. I love bright colors or interesting images. Laura Voss lauraw1214@gmail.com

  128. Tonya Schenck schencket@gmail.com. The cover of course makes you pick it up, but the synopsis on the back helps me determine if I want to read it.

  129. I think the cover is very important. It a cover catches my eye I'm going to read the synopsis, which is really important and needs to catch my attention for me to one-click. Blog tours are important I've found a lot of books because of blog reviews and recommendations!

    Nicole H

  130. amberleigh1978@live.com

    A lot of things attract me to a book. The cover, the synopsis, the reviews. What makes it a good book is the plot and how well it is delivered. You can have a good plot, but the delivery (writing) isn't there to bring it home.

  131. Donna Harms fuades3@yahoo.com

    First thing that draws me in is the cover of a book, especially if an author is unknown to me (that said, a title may draw me in as well) then I will read the synopsis if it hooks me then I will buy the book :-)

  132. Tabitha Coots

    I like to read the back of books to see what the brief synopsis says

  133. My name is Verna. my email is verna_loves_david5104@hotmail.com
    When picking a book most of the time I go by the cover or the author if Ive read them before. And alot of times I go by reviews that my friends have posted letting me know if they enjoyed reading them.

  134. My name is Stephanie S. I think that one of the most important aspects of the books are the synopsis. It and the book cover and the ones that grab and retain the attention of the reader and make him decide to buy it or not.


  135. The thing that makes me pick up a book is the cover, but after that I read the synopsis. If the books sounds like a ton of other books I've read, I put it aside for now and looks towards other books. First and foremost though, it is the cover.

    Kaitlyn Hoyt

  136. I think the synopsis is the most important, without it you wouldn't know what you are going to read. I hate it when the back of a book doesn't fairly represent the book, but that's me.

    Hannah M

  137. Emily Pearson

    The Cover. If the cover doesn't draw me in, I won't read it unless someone else tells me I have too. I am a cover junkie.

  138. If the cover does not catch my eye, I usually pass over the book unless one if the blogs I follow recommend it. I then read the sample to see if the plot and characters can keep my attention.

    Jayme Hallman

  139. I think ever detail makes choosing a book important. The cover, the synopsis, the subject matter.... Also the author, reviews read for a book. But I believe every book should be given a chance to impress me. I love to read so I'm willing to give any book with subjects I like a chance!
    P.s Pick me... lol. .todays my bday. Winning something would be awesome (especially a book)

  140. Heather Andrews

    The cover is what sells it for me if the book has a pretty cover i'll read it no matter what :)

  141. Amanda

    When reading authors I love I will read anything by them without finding out what it's about first. When I read books by an author I am unfamiliar with I usually go by the synopsis. The characters have to be relatable and I have to like the main character or I have a hard time getting into the book

  142. Kayla Shirley - kaylapshirley at gmail dot com

    Oh my! First off, holy giveaway! You rock.

    Secondly, hmmm.... I'm a sucker for a catching cover. That's not the most important part of a book for me, but that's a make it or break it as far as if the book gets picked up off the shelf (or selected from Nook or Kindle). I love strong characters, high emotions, strong plot, and good editing.

    Thank you times a million for such an awesome opportunity!!!! <3

  143. Felicia (Fmtatum21@gmail.com)

    I think the most important thing is to have an attractive cover to grab people's attention so they'll want to know the rest of those things about it.

  144. My name is Melissa Stickney and my email address is crazybeautifulreviews@gmail.com. Eye catching covers sometimes make me take a second look at the book, but I have read a few books recently where the covers were not some of my favorites and the books themselves were amazing. What I really look for is a story, characters, and a writing style that will draw me into the book. I love having to know what happens next and the feeling of not ever wanting to put it down.

  145. Tiffaney Rice

    I think a good cover is important to have in order to grab the reader's attention. I think writing style is important as well as character types. Different character types and writing styles drawn in different kinds of people. If I don't like the character types described in the synopsis or the way it is written, then I won't read the book. Overall the cover is what draws me to the book, but the characters and writing style keep me reading.

  146. Mena Abuali
    The first thing I notice is the cover and synposis. After I read rhe synopsis I picture what it mght be like then I look at the cover . I think ir looks exciting I try to look at body language as well. Sometimes the cover is really good and the story is bad yea visuals bring me in but the story and plor is what keeps me reading

  147. Tina Casamassima
    I won't lie, the cover is usually what grabs my attention first. I am big fan of dual POVs. So if i see that's how its written its another bonus.

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. K Stentzel

    The cover usually gets my attention first, then the title. I look for the author's name next, and if it is one of my favorites, I snatch it up, blurb unread. It's a given I'm gonna love it...

    If I haven't seen work by a certain author, I will go looking for them. I usually read the titles and watch for the authors I enjoy in the "suggestions" that amazon posts towards the bottom of the page when I am perusing the 'stacks.'

    I also belong to a few sites that offer free and discounted copies of books--new authors, on sale for two-days sort of thing. That is when the blurb comes into play. As always, first the cover, the title, the author, then the synopsis. These are reputable sites, not "pirate" sites.

    You have to realize this all takes place in less than a minute. I am a voracious reader, lover of many genres; I read 1-2 books a day, depending on my schedule, and usually late into the night. We eat with our eyes first; I believe a good cover makes a lasting impression. :) Thanks for sharing you work with all of us!

  150. Yvette Hernandez
    My e-mail is vettyosc27@yahoo.com

    When I look for books the cover usually grabs my attention first. If the cover is really cool looking I would pick up the book to see what it is about.

  151. I think the most important aspect of a book is it's "readability." The author has to be good enough to pull me into the story with the plot and characters. They have to be woven together well.
    Cindy R.

  152. Maria Barquero
    The first thing that catches my attention is the cover. A cover that pops is a guaranteed way to get a potential readers attention. Then I check the title & author, a unique title by an author I know or have heard will definitely get me to flip the book over and check out the summary. If the story line seems interesting and makes me feel like I have to read it now, then its a done deal! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  153. Laura Mendez

    The first thing I notice is the cover.... The cover is a BIG DEAL for me.

  154. Atalia Melendez

    What first attracts me to a book is definitely the cover. If the cover is unique and one I haven't seen before I'm automatically interested.

  155. Laura Rodriguez
    There is two things that need to happen for me to read a book. That is the book description and the cover.

  156. My name is Jennifer Jones my email is madjenny43@gmail.com

    One of my big things is the first chapter has to really catch my interest I hate to leave a book unread but I am guilty of that also I love a nice cover and I know it's not fair to judge a book for it's cover but I am guilty of that on occasion .

  157. Ashleigh Heer - vitameatavegamingirl93@gmail.com
    Hmmm I guess the most important aspect to me is the writing and descriptions. If a book doesn't make me feel the characters' emotions, it's not my kind of book.
    Plus a super hot male romantic interest never hurts...

  158. Jill

    The back cover is what will make me read a book or not. I need to be drawn in by that description of the book. I want to know in those few sentences exactly what the story is about.