Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teaser Tuesday : Smash Into You

          Her voice was no longer the strong, spit-fire girl I was learning, she was so scared her voice shook. I looked at her and saw blood on her shirt.        "No, what happened?" I bellowed and pulled her to me since I couldn't pull over. We weren't out of the woods yet if he snagged a car and followed us. 
         "It's not me," she said softly, looking at me strangely. My hand was wrapped around her thigh where I had grabbed her to bring her across the seat.
         "What do you mean?"
         "You're hurt, Jude." She gulped and exhaled, her breath skating across my cheek. Her breath smelled like peppermints from the bar. She sat up on her knees in the seat and tried to look at my shoulder. The way her chest brushed my arm had me gritting my teeth. Then the tingles started before the spike of pain. I remembered now. And now that the adrenaline was winding down, the pain was coming to the surface.
         I shook off her hand. "It's fine. Don't worry about it."
         She steeled her face. "You're going to let me look at this. You pulled me out of there while that guy was firing a freaking gun, you're hurt, now we're running away from something - I don't know what, but you're going to tell me - and you will let me look at this so I can see why there's so much blood."
         Daggum. "Fine, Marley," I bit out. The least she touched me the better, but whatever. I was about to drop her off. It wasn't like she had time to help me anyway.
         She moved, her knees touching my thighs as she leaned over me. She pulled the collar of my shirt over and hissed. 


  1. OH MY! Wow! I truly can't wait to read this!!

  2. ohhhh! I'm super excited for this to come out!! Is there a release date or maybe even release month yet? ANYTHING TO HELP ME GET THROUGH!:)