Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down N Derby Blog Tour

The Down N Derby Blog Tour!
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Lila Felix is the sweetest chick ever and she always lets me read her books before everyone else. That's right, be jealous. 
So, she started this series, the Love & Skate series, and it's about these brothers. The hot black brothers. They're all tattooed and inked and mohawked and pierced. And the girls are all about Derby roller skating. Not only are these books each about each brother, but it alternates between the male to female pov. For those of you who don't like that, Lila does a fantastic job of balancing it out, and the guy povs are just swoontastic!
This series is YA and pretty clean, but the way these boys love their woman is so incredibly hot...and it's not missing anything. 
I'll tell you this. The books in this series are so sweet and hot and just...swoony, you won't be left wondering how he truly feels or what's going to happen or be frustrated with a jerk or a girl that can't make a decision. These are my favorite types of books. The romance is the main thing going on, but though the characters are so deep and loving, the story is well planned out and focused on, and one that I wish I was a part of. 
The best part? The first book is on sale for .99 right now.

My review of Down N Derby

"I've been kissed a lot but I've never kissed anyone. I've never purposefully wanted to run my fingers through a girl’s hair, take her face in my hands and kiss her until her toes curled. I've really never wanted to—until you.”

Maddox. Sweetheart extraordinaire.

Maddox thinks he's a ruiner. He thinks everything he touches turns to crap because of things that have been thrown at him. He thinks everything bad that happens to his family can be contributed to one thing, one event, that happened when he was a baby. It was an amazing, heart-breaking, sweet, loving thing. But Maddox, as most broken guys do, shoulder the responsibility for everything and he thinks he's doing himself and his family a favor by heading out on his road trip to find his real dad, but doesn't tell his family. Just hits the road in the middle of the night and employs his cousin to help him do it.

But oh, Maddox. You are one of the sweetest, greatest guys I've ever read about. The things that came out of that sweet mouth literally gave me goose bumps. Neither of them hold back. They say what they need to say and I wish I had had that kinda courage when I was dating my husband. Maddox especially was all kinds of sweet, swoony, yumminess.

And Storey. I loved how she wasn't this insecure girl who was stick thin and constantly wondered if the guy thought she was pretty. Storey is a model and knows that she's pretty. She's not snotty or conceited, she's just confident. It was great to see a girl in a YA book that doesn't need everyone around her to tell her she's pretty and special.

These two had amazing chemistry. The obstacles that arose were so realistic and to watch two people who were so obviously committed to each other was not only endearing, but refreshing. This is something lacking in books these days, IMHO. It's not insta-love. That's not what I'm talking about. If done right, the author can make two people know that they are the one and it's not only believable, but you want to jump in the pages and feel that for yourself.

I don't think it's a secret that I'm not a fan of indecisive Protags. These two knew exactly what they wanted and I fell in love with the story because of it. And we still get a feel for the family we fell in love with during the previous books. And that isn't all. You think the Love & Skate series is over? Nada.

6 out of 5 beautiful, believable, swoon-swoon-swoon and then some more swoon, yumtastic, clean-but-still-sexy stars from me.

Link to Down N Derby and the rest of Lila Felix's books!


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