Friday, December 7, 2012

The Covers

Ok, FINALLY got the cover situation done.
I've either tweaked just about all of my covers or changed them completely. 
So the covers are done for a while. 

And I've had lots of comments\emails about the Significance cover. I said when I changed it that it was the Movie Edition. It's a Special Edition cover with a movie still and the other covers were not going to be gone forever because of it. 
So, in a couple of days, once Createspace gets everything in order, both the normal version and the movie edition will be available for purchase in paperback. Nothing on the inside is different, just the covers. 

So here's all the new covers for each series\book that's either new or changed recently.

Significance Series


Movie Edition Significance Cover

Collide Series

Wide Awake

Stealing Grace

So, I'm done for a while. Once Independence is released, Wide Awake is next, then Altered, then Smash Into You. And I already have the title, cover and synopsis for the next book after that.
 This year coming up is going to be crazy, but I wanted to start it off with fresh, clean, professional covers that not only look good on e-book, but print out right for paperback, which the old Significance covers did NOT do. 
Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations made the majority of them and she's fantastic.

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane


  1. Ugh, i hate this. These covers are amazing and there is no way i can get them without repurchasing the books again! Ugh! I want these covers SO BAD! Amazon has no idea what I'm even talking about! By the way love your books, Shelly. Not your fault I can't get the new covers, it's Amazon's...or it is because I'm not as 'tech-savvy' as I think I am. Anyways, keep writing. And if anyone knows a way to get these covers on my already purchased items, I would be forever grateful.

    1. If you mean on the kindle, not sure about the actual kindle itself but on my android phone version, removing it from the phone and then re-downloading it from my archive updated the cover for me. Hope it works for you as well!

  2. Your new covers look AMAZING! I love Sarah's work! Congrats on everything coming up too!

  3. Your updated covers look great!

  4. I only have your books on my Kindle, but I LOVE these! Love them! Now I'm gonna have to buy them. Maybe one a month, lol. Only because my husband is gonna freak that I already have a digital copy...oh well, that's what he gets for marrying a biliophile, right? :D