Monday, December 17, 2012

My Top 10 Books of 2012

I'm taking a little hiatus from reading, so I'm going to go ahead and do my Top 10. These books may not have been published in 2012, but this was when I read and LOVED them!
This year, contemporary seemed to be a big hit for me. Some of these titles are not Young Adult, so if you're a youngin' make sure you check before adding to your TBR list J
Let's count 'me down.

10. After The Fire
By Kathryn Shay
After the Fire (The Firefighter Trilogy, #1)

9. On The Island
By Tracey Garvis Graves
On the Island

8.Back To You
By Priscilla Glenn
Back to You

7. Going Under
By Georgia Cates
Going Under (Going Under, #1)

6. The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window
By Kirsty Moseley
The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window

5. Losing It
By Cora Carmack
Losing It

4. Touching Smoke
By Airicka Phoenix
Touching Smoke (Touch, #1)

3. Inescapable
By Amy Bartol
Inescapable (The Premonition, #1)

2. Emerge
By Lila Felix

1. Slammed
By Colleen Hoover
Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Other books I loved this year, but wouldn't fit on my list of only 10 are, in no particular order…
Stained - Ella James
Love and Skate - Lila Felix
Cornerstone - Misty Provencher
Chance Encounters - Jenn Sterling
Awaken - Sarah Ross
Dante's Girl - Courtney Cole
Sleeping Handsome - Jean Haus
Easy - Tammara Webber
Shattered - Elizabeth Lee
Starcrossed - Tracey Lee Campbell
Caged - Rachel Deagan

That's all folks!!

Best wishes, happy endings and happy new year,
Shelly Crane


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so much for putting Touching Smoke up there!!! You are amazing and so wonderful! I wish you an entire galaxy of happiness! <3

  2. Thanks Shelly Crane to share a nice blog with us, i like the "touching smoke" very much

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  3. most of those are on my list too. I tired making a list yesterday but I just couldn't do it. oh well!

    1. It took me over an hour! it wasn't this hard to choose last year. :P

  4. I <3 you Shelly!!! That is a fantastic list and I am honored to be a part of it!!

    1. So welcome!! It was so hard to choose! Loved Awaken and happy I got to read Avenge before anyone else!! :)

  5. Thank you so much, Shelly! Number ONE?! Holy Cow! <3

    1. Yes, number 1. You do not understand the love I have for this book and POR. I was so fangirling in Decatur :)

  6. its so hard to come up with only 10 when there are so many great books this year. You totally hit a few of my favs. Like Airicka's and Amy's. You would be on my list and Slammed is still sitting on my desk begging to be read. Have fun decorating your new house and getting all settled. thanks for sharing your picks. :) Happy Holidays..

  7. Thanks for the shout out Shelly!! That's awesome! <3

  8. I think my favorite was Stirring up Trouble by Juli Alexander. Not sure if it's a new book but it was new to me and I enjoyed it.

  9. Dolapo Folorunso so hard to pick a book cause I have read a lot of great books this year including your coillde series amazing couldn't put it down. And I am really sad that I have to say goodbye to Sherry and Merrick and I wouldn't forget little Lily and Hope. Okay fave book of the year will probably have to be dark secrets series by A.M Hudson

  10. Breaking The Nexus by Lindsay Avalon~The Gathering, Book one of The Lia Fail chronicles was not published in 2012, but I absolutely loved it. I have Airicka's book Touching Smoke on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it. There are so many more amazing authors. I love being a reviewer and am excited to read your books this year also.

  11. My number 1 for 2012 would be Easy - Tammara Webber. Loved it!!