Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cover Reveal for Lila Felix's HOAX

You all know how much I heart Lila Felix. 
She's doing fabulous and her books are some of my all time favs. She has a new book coming out soon and here is the gorgeous cover  and I mean gorgeous.

I watched the whole thing through that urine colored cafeteria window, I could almost hear the cracking and crumbling as the world around me fell to pieces. Abel was there, looking on as those people he called friends pushed, prodded and picked on the frail boy, knocking him back and forth around the circle like a childhood game of hot potato. The bile and soggy lunch rose in my throat as I came to grips with the scene. Abel, the kindest, gentlest, most loving person I’d ever known was a part of this. He wasn’t participating, but by standing there while it happened meant he was on the team but sitting on the bench. It made everything that happened during the summer seem like a lie, like deceit, like artifice. The Abel that I knew and fell in love with—it was all a hoax.
Release Date Jan 2nd

Freaking. Chills.
Can't wait for this one!

Lila's website is here for more information soon!
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