Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teaser Tuesday : Wide Awake

         "So, how about I meet you here every day after school and I'll bring your school work. Then I'll take you for a walk. Or a…" he glanced at my legs, "a roll?"  
          I laughed. "I've never even been out of the bed yet, let alone using a wheelchair."
          "I'll help you," he promised. "I'm not going anywhere."
          He kissed my fingers, and Mason took that opportunity to come in. Of course. I felt a rip of guilt go through me at the look of anger that flashed across Mason's face, but why? He was probably just angry because he knew Andrew…err, Andy…was going to be sticking around. And, granted, he hadn't been even an honorable mention for boyfriend-of-the-year, but he was here now. And he was trying. I felt that I owed it to not only him, but myself, to explore that, even if just for a little while. I owed it to myself to see if I could remember this boy who said he loved me.