Saturday, September 1, 2012

Winners of Revolution ARCs!!!

I will try to get you your copies tomorrow morning! Got a couple little things to do and then it's all yours!

Name: Christina Bodden

Kristin Decker

Ashley Cunningham :) 

Liz Jaquier

Stephanie Lavanty

kailey chagnon

Angie- Ajackson1012 

Robin Abels


Victoria Stowell


  1. I just got the most excited phone call from my granddaughter Victoria Stowell...She gets an advanced copy of Revolution...Oh my goodness she is so excited...She said she will have that book finished by noon...LOL Thanks Shelly for giving her such an exciting weekend...:)

  2. Shelly!!! Any chance you can post an independence teaser?? I'm dying as my countdown decreases.... :)

  3. Maybe posting winners' email addresses is not such a good thing. I had a fleeting thought about emailing them to ask them to loan me their copy when they're done. Then better judgement kicked in, and I thought, "I wouldn't want strangers emailing me for the book!" Even decent people can have less than honorable moments. Just a suggestion.

  4. OMG! My name is on the list! Thank you. I am SO excited and can't wait to start reading it. THANK YOU!

  5. Yes!!! I am so excited!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Can't wait to start the book and see how the series finishes. Thanks again!!

  6. Yay! I squealed and startled everyone in the house! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  7. OMG! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to read Revolution!

  8. ahhhhh!!!! thank you so much!!!:)

  9. I work to much to be able to participate in contests but I am so excited to read this book. OMG I can't wait.