Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enoch's Book : Devoured Again

I had so many request to do another Devoured book once Consumed was finished, but what you guys didn't know was that I had already decided that when I typed, The Very End, that Enoch had to have his own book! 
I want to tell what happens with the rebels. And Enoch will be a big part of that. As for the Horde, they won't stop, ever. That's a given. It was explained in the last book that once a Horde is destroyed, another one takes its place, but we'll just have to see what happens to Eli, Clara and now, Enoch. Old characters will return and new ones will surface, some that can alter everything for some.

Enoch is tested. 
His brother is human, the thing he hates, and when a girl needs his help, that split second decision changes his whole world in one instant. A Devourer's Fate...
Coming 2013

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane


  1. I started to love Enoch in Consume and hoped he got a happily every after to.

  2. ohh thats a tease i like it heheh lol

  3. Sounds great! Now to wait for 2012 to be over...

  4. YAY! Really excited for this.... I like Enoch....

  5. Yay! There is something about Enoch...that is very intriguing:)

  6. super excited!!!!!!!!!!!