Friday, March 9, 2012

Playlist \ Defiance Early Release

So Defiance is here, albeit sooner than I anticipated. After a mix-up with Barnes &Noble I went ahead and published for both Kindle and Nook since copies had already been bought. Both are up and available. 
Thank you so much for all your awesome support!!!!!
I hope you enjoy this book.  

And here's the playlist that was going to be released this weekend for Defiance. 

~ Playlist ~ 

1. (Opening Credits) Run For Your Life : The Fray 

2. Sail : Awolnation 

3. (Meeting Rodney) - The Mixed Tape : Jack's Mannequin 

4. (Meeting Marcus in hall) Don't Stop : Foster The People 

5. Everyone Gets A Star : Albert Hammond Jr. 

6. (Caleb & Maggie bedroom) In My Veins : Andrew Belle 

7. Not Your Fault : Awolnation 

8. Believer : Ben Kweller 

9. Sinister Kid : The Black Keyes 

10. (Games) Blackout : Breathe Carolina 

11. (Ruth) Back Stabbin' Betty : Cage The Elephant 

12. Northern Wind : City and Colour 

13. (Creeping with Rodney) Too Fake : Hockey 

14. (Shower/bathroom scene) Next To Me : Civil Twilight 

15. Paradise : Coldplay 

16. Give Me Love : Ed Sheeran 

17. (Phone call to Jim) As Long As It Takes : Spill Canvas 

18. (The dignitary luncheon) We Are Young : Fun 

19. Lifening : Snow Patrol 

20. Tongue Tied : Grouplove 

21. Run : Matt Nathonson 

22. (Bish and Jen) Gravity : John Mayer 

23. Fader : Temper Trap 

24. We're Breaking Up : Against Me 

25. Save Yourself : Civil Twilight 

26. (Getting ready for the ball) Sweet Disposition : Temper Trap 

27. Whirring : The Joy Formidable 

28. (Dancing) You And Me : Lifehouse 

29. My Body : Young The Giant 

30. (Marla and Maggie) I'll Never Let Go : Snow Patrol 

31. (Lost Someone) Wish You Were Here : The Sounds 

32. (Bish and Jen) Head or Your Heart : Mat Kearney 

33. (Theme Song - Maggie and Caleb) Heartbeat : The Fray 


  1. Amazon doesn't have it up gosh darn it!! I want it so bad!

  2. Just kidding I found it!

  3. This just made my day!! I bought it as soon as I saw your post.

    Thank you!!

  4. You made my day! I bought it the moment I saw the email! Now if I could just finish uprising today (9% to go), I can settle down to read it. Thanks!!

  5. Great playlist. I have most of those songs!!!

  6. I just purchased Defiance (she squeals loudly!) and I've settled in for a great night of reading!

  7. I have a kindle and I don't see defiance in the kindle shop! Ah!! I'm gonna go crazy! I have been waiting forever for this book now it's not in the kindle shop!!!! Where did you find it?!!

  8. Haha found it never mind!! I just finished reading it and now I am gonna go crazy again waiting for the next!! Shelly please let us know as soon as you find out when independence should be out!!! I absolutely love your book. I think that this is the best series you've written yet!! You have now made it to the top of my list of favorite authors!!