Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cover Reveal & Release For Revolution

Collide ~  Book Four

In the fourth and final installment, everything is on the line. Merrick's life is in the balance and Lily is their only hope. Ellie and her new powers are miraculous, but also problematic; if she's with the bunker family, they won't be able to sense when the Lighters are there. There are many new members to the bunker and sparks will fly, and with the food shortage, they will all have plenty to deal with. Miguel is intrigued with Rylee, her past and her spunk. Ryan and Elli are barely scratching the surface of their relationship. Cain and Lillian will have to deal with Daniel, who has no qualms about showing his true feelings for her. And Sherry and Merrick…what will happen to this happenstance family who have worked so hard to come together? Can they all survive? Can they all withstand the new enemy that is right outside their door? Can they beat the Lighters, once and for all…

Soft release date - Sept\Oct 2012

A little excerpt - Sherry
"Before I could squeak my answer there was loud bang upstairs. We all looked up as if we could see through the floor. The bangs got louder and louder. "Footsteps," I realized out loud.

There were so many.

Ellie took a deep breath and told us what was already known, but needed to be said, as if sealing our fate. "They're here."

Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane


  1. so happy until I saw the word 'final'. I mean I knew that it would be..but it hurts seeing it. :(
    but love the cover. so so pretty!

  2. cover is awesome!!! Can't wait for it!

  3. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh man Shelly I am going to cry like a big ole baby when I read this. Lord have mercy Merrick better not be dead :(

    Thank you for sharing this awesome world with me. I will miss everyone!

  5. EEK! I was so excited to see my email today! I can't wait to see what happens to Merrick, but will absolutely have to sit on my hands while reading so I'm not tempted to throw my Kindle. (Just in case.) Thank you for sharing your awesome mind with us! I love Significance and collide...NEED to get the others. :)

  6. Thanks! I can not wait to finish the series, not that I'm glad it's over though. I can't imagine writing 'the end' in this series. I will miss the bunker family so, so much.

  7. I just love your books! They are so good! I cannot wait for this book to come out! I've reread both your Collide and Significance series multiple times. I know I'll reread this series again once it gets closer to the release date. They are THAT good. I love the characters! It makes me sad that this will be the last book.

    By the way, the cover is really pretty! Thanks for writing such great books! :)

    1. Thank you! It makes me sad as well :) I'm ready to know how it all ends for them though. really appreciate it!

  8. ohhh, I can't wait to read it. It actually took me some time until I started reading 'collide'... because I loved 'Significance' and I didn't want to ruin my happy feelings.. but once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. I was sooo glad when I realised that book two and three were already out so I didn't have to wait.. well.. yeah.. Now I CAN'T WAIT TO READ BOOK NR FOUR! :D You're an awesome writer!

  9. omg! i am re-reading the series now because i already re-read stealing grace, the signifiance series, and devour... cant wait for this book!

  10. Ahhhhh! This is the best giveaway ever. I love it. Thank you Shelly. I cannot wait to see how the series ends.