Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Devour has arrived!!!


Ok, Ok. I know some people think I'm nuts, maybe even a little annoying, because I can't stick to my release dates. I'm sorry!!! But it's in my hands and I'm just as anxious to have it in yours as you are to have it. That's me, and that's just the way it is :) I'm afraid it will always be with this way. To me, release dates are guidelines for me to have everything done by. But I don't see a problem in releasing early. 
That being said, Devour is here a week early and although I had some glitches with Amazon, it's ready now and all done. I'm so happy to have it out and done with. Now I can focus on finishing Catalyst, Collide #3. This book also had an original release date of March but will be early as well. I hope you don't mind ;)
Also, I may have a big announcement for the Significance series.Yes, in a domino affect, it will probably be likely that Defiance will release sooner as well, but I'm talking about something else. I won't say until I figure some things out and decide what I want. But I'm hoping you'll be happy. 

Best wishes and happy endings,
~ Shelly Crane ~


  1. Oooh! I love Significance! Can't wait to hear what it is! So glad I don't have to wait as long as originally thought. Never mind getting it early! Can't wait to start Devour.

  2. Never apologize for an early release. I love you for it. I'm so excited for any news about the next book in all of your series.

  3. I agree with Gloria...never apologize for an early release. I downloaded Devour last night and can't wait to read it. Looking for to the other books as well. THANKS!

  4. "Secrets Secrets are no fun, Secreets Secrets hurt some one" hahaha just kidding. what ever it is, I am sure it will be great news. I so cannot wait for Catalyst!!

  5. I checked your blog last night to see when Defiance was being released to find out Devour was out. I finished it this morning. I love your books and hate that I finish them so quickly! Now I am going to patiently wait for Defiance. :-)

  6. thanks for share..